Winter Snapper In Melbourne Winter Western Port Video

Understanding the Rare Winter Red Snapper Catch in July:

From time to time, snapper start making their way into our bays earlier than expected, around the end of August. If you’re well-versed and adept in snapper fishing, there’s a fair chance you could reel in one during this period. This onset represents the kick-off of the snapper season in Melbourne, Victoria. Subsequently, by the start of June, the final batch of snapper exit the bays, but skilled anglers can still hook a few.

Video: July Snapper Catch in Western Port

This makes the prospect of landing a snapper in July (a full-grown snapper, not a small pinkie or juvenile fish) almost a Herculean task. Hence, a July snapper catch is often regarded with the same admiration as netting a 20-pound snapper, given the considerable effort it entails. The video shared below is a testament to this challenge, showcasing the remarkable feat of catching a real winter red snapper!

Title: Tackle Tips for Western Port Fishing

Engaging in Western Port fishing comes with its unique set of challenges, including navigating rapid currents and encountering a variety of marine life, including large stingrays, sharks, and assorted fish species. As such, having the correct gear becomes paramount, especially when you’re aiming to catch a fish like the snapper. My personal preference leans towards a 6 to 10-kilo fishing combination, not because lighter equipment can’t handle snapper fishing, but due to its superior dependability.

Through years of experimentation with various rod combinations, I’ve learned the value of investing in high-quality tackle. The durability and performance of quality gear, over time, significantly outshine cheaper alternatives that are prone to easy damage and underwhelming results. My preferred rod combo consists of:

  • Shimano Saragossa 8000 reel
  • Shimano Sentire Stealth Series 691 Pelagic P-6 rod
  • 40-pound Daiwa 8x strand braid line

My setup involves a 2-meter mono leader equipped with an easy clip and a running sinker. My hook of choice is the 187 suicide hook, also known as the octopus hook, particularly in the early season. These hooks are renowned for their exceptional sharpness, improving my chances of hooking a winter or early-season snapper, as evidenced in the accompanying video.

I strongly recommend this tackle configuration for areas with heavy currents or where there’s a high likelihood of encountering large stingrays or numerous sharks. This setup empowers you to retrieve your catch more efficiently, allowing you to concentrate on snapper fishing instead of contending with undesirable fish species.

Title: Essential Tackle for Winter Snapper Fishing in Port Phillip Bay

During the winter months in Port Phillip Bay, my tackle preferences shift slightly, especially during the early season when I generally fish in shallow waters and utilize a mono main line. My suggested rod combination for this region includes:


In terms of the main line, I typically employ a 12lb-15lb green mono line. Though I don’t specifically favour any one brand for mono lines, I frequently opt for those offered by Berkley.

When embarking on a snapper fishing expedition in Port Phillip Bay, I suggest deploying at least four rods, which aligns with the maximum permitted per person in Victoria. As for the rigs, I tend to utilize a mix of triple snelled hooks and Reedy’s Ultra Rigs across my array.

Reedy's Rigs Fishing Tackle

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