Winter Snapper Fishing Report video

Winter Snapper Melbourne Fishing Report Tips Tricks Port Phillip Bay

Winter snapper is awesome anyone can catch a snapper in snapper season, But have you got what it takes to catch a winter red? , over the next 3 month’s we will be targeting Reds though out Port Phillip Bay.  On this Page, I will be sharing some tips and tricks on how to catch one. its harder to catch a true winter red, but if you follow a few rules it can be done very easily. The first rule is the barometer is everything in winter, if it’s not high I’m not going out to freeze my ass off. In the video below it hit 1040 on that day. the other key points are small bait’s and soft bait’s squid because the water temp is extremely low, the fish are lethargic. so a small snack or treat, in my opinion, is the best offering to be presented to a cold water red, I have found a paternoster rig to work far better in the colder month’s rigged with squid tentacles. Small squid rings are by far my favorite bait, in fact, was are only bait in the video below. Our Ultra RIgs are just fantastic and caught 90 percent of the fish In the video. Scallop ultra rig is my favorite in the colder months.  Ok,

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The next rule I follow is June I fish the Southern end of the bay, pretty much anywhere from 16m or deeper your a sporting chance of picking up a slow coach red exiting the bay. Bycatch will be gummie shark, and there is always plenty of squids as you can see in the video.  So stocking up on fresh bait isn’t a problem, I recommend using our Rui Port Phillip bay Squid pack, we have selected a small range of jig’s with the best color’s to suit the bay. the can be found here.

The next tip is from July and August I fish more north, I accept the reds have fully gone and go looking for that residential fish. Some fav spots is Carrum Outer  ( the artificial Reef) Rickett’s point in about 5-7m are all productive areas to fish. My friend Steve fishes land base up there in Mordy and does very well. and when I use to live at Mentone I would fish the small pier at full moon bay at night and walk down to the end and cast out to the right catch nice 1kg fish, but that’s another story.

if you follow us on youtube you see how the winter season unfolds. if you like the video let us know in the comments. Subscribe here 

I have Left the comment box open for discussion, I will answer questions Below in relation to helping you improve,  gear, bait anything, but don’t ask where the fish are !!!… Earn it 👍👍👍👍👌🎣🐟

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