Winter Fishing Port phillip Bay

Winter Fishing Port Phillip Bay is Fantastic. On this page i will Give a Few Tip’s on how and where to target a few fish Species along with a video Showing how I do it. The most important thing to do is to keep warm and pick your day’s when to fish.

Winter has many calm Beautiful day’s to fish.  An App to use for monitoring the wind so you can see when to fish,  I use Fish Ranger or Willy Weather, Both app’s give the wind forcast in a long range format.

Staying Warm is so important for me if im cold i dont enjoy it.  I must have Thermals under my clothes i use a brand Called Outtracked i bought mine at Bcf there expensive but well worth the price the other Item i love and use is my Savage Gear Jacket.

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Squid Can Be Found in port Phillip bay though out winter.

Normally you find Squid around Broken Ground and weed Beds using Navionics and your Eye’s to look into the water is the best way to find some good squids grounds. For a Basic video on how to catch Squid Click Here

Generally winter Whiting fishing is good and the best Area’s to target the whiting are Down the southern end of the Bay. From Mt Martha to the Heads on the Eastern side. Cliffton Springs to the Heads on the western side. Some Genral Hotspot’s though out winter are St lenords, Queenscliff ,Rye, Soronto.

Gummy’s Sharks can be caught in Down South to all winter .. but also are available to catch in most Area’s thought the bay. the bigger model’s tend to be down south where the water current flow’s more. Fresh Bait is the Key!! Try Fresh Squid , Yakka , Salmon Chunk, Just about any fresh Fish!!!  Make Sure your bait isnt not spining in the Current.

Finshed of the Day with 10 Squid & 20 Whiting .. Caught many pest fish. Notes about the Video , I mention Rock cod that i caught are bad “news” , they sound up like snapper.  But they Live on Broken Ground | Reef , means your in a good Area for snapper.  I should have mentioned that..

How to read a Tide Chart with Diagram Best Time to Fish for Whiting Fishing Port Phillip bay

Try to fish the Big tide Tides For Whiting in winter and summer  the image below show’s  the different stages in the Tides. I like fishing a big run in tide for whiting but whiting can be caught on both tides. I try to Fish the big tide’s Below is an Example image ..  look for big curvature to be close to the Max Tide. Click on image to Enlarge.

whiting fishing, tides , best tides , whiting, read a tide chart

I would still go fishing on a small tide , But maybe would target some other Fish like squid or gummy sharks, on those Smaller tide’s .that’s the Time to Hit those Area’s where the tide Runs hard .. like edge of south channel for Example.

Garfish Are Plentyful in the bay over winter fishing ethier from a boat or off a Pier will be Productive. try to fish the low light periods , the Best time for Gar I Feel is from about 3:30pm to 6pm most Day’s as the Garfish seem to be Everywhere at the Moment. Fish 2 to 6m Deep

Tacke Used in Video Rod & Reel Rigs and Set up’s For PPB.

3x Shimano 6-8kg Sonic pro Rods with Shimano 4000 Sennia Spooled with 14lb Mono (Berkley ) for Snapper (snell twin Hook Rig) Hooks Reedy’s 187 Size 4/0 Leader Jinkia 40lb

1x 8-10kg Shimano Blue water Baitrunner 6000 30lb Braid( Ultra Rig Pre Tied Paternoster With size 7/0 ) For Gummy’s & Snapper.

2x 2-4kg Shimano Spin Rod | Shimino sienna 2500 Used for Squid & Whiting. with the Clip i mention in  the Video.

1x 2-4kg Shimano Spin Rod | Shimino sienna 2500 with 12lb leader Jinkia for Soft plastic.

i Had About 12x 3.5 Squid Jigs Various Colours  Brands are Ru , Yamashita , Shimano . Most producitive Colours on the Day was White & Redfoil.

Reedy's Rigs Fishing Tackle