Whiting Whispera Rig Live Prawn Fishing Rigs

Whiting Rigs A new Product By Reedys Rigz Whiting Whispera

whiting rig

whiting rigs Product info .

5x Whiting Whispera Rig Live Prawn original Fishing Rigs fishing it like a snapper snatcher !!!!.
5x whiting whispera fishing rigs.
rigging on a paternoster rig.
live prawn lure.
great for fishing in the surf.
use like a snapper snatcher
size 4 improved circle hooks.
Design around a whitting jaw.
Free shipping.
Ting Magnet.
30lb leader.
Barrel / roller swiel

UPC: 9 348826 000011

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Fising rigz by Reedys Rigz new and exciting product which is a newly designed rig to catch whitting Bream Flathead and other fish in that size class
A live Bait prawn lure imation helps you get the most out of your fishing rig ultimately Helps you catch more fish !
Just like a snapper snatcher these rigs absolutely smash whiitting the fish lovem .
Having been fishing this rig over in south australia and have had exellent results bagging out every time.
Also i fished Port phillip bay and western port in victoria with the same results .
truley is a fantastic rig i invite you to try this rig out next time fishing for ting.

whiting rig

Snapper Snatchers Rigs Tips And Baits

Snapper fishing rigs are a great fishing rig to fish for snapper and a range of fish species .Here i will explain how to use the rig . When Using the fishing rig it is important you bait the rig correctlly or you will stuggle to get a bite .The bait should be hooked so there is as little resistance against the snapper snatcher in currents and waters flow , surf . The whole idea is to get the bait to sit straight in the current , if your bait is spinning it will not look natural and it simple will not work . i find a squid strip bait hook through onces works a treat But a pillchard Piece is even better .

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Tips for Catching a snapper when Fishing snapper snatchers

When You catch your snapper or any fish on the rig i must stress this point NEVER EVER lift your fish in by the leader , alway use a net to aviod tackle faliure or fish falling off your hooks . The leader may be rated to 60lbs but the Knots weaken the line and there is simply no way around it with paternoster rigs , just using your brain when your fishing can go a long way , ive seen some people do some silly things and its pretty funny i might add. seeing a massive fish beside the boat only to see someone loose it because of something so silly you cant help to laugh becuse it could have been avioded . You might get away with your bad habits but once in awhile but you will pay the pipper one day !!! just net the dam fish .
The Other thing you want to make sure is your drag is not locked and is set to just under a kilo ( .750grams ) of drag pressor Which is a far amount . Also check your Knots and leaders even if you buy them pre-rigged its a must and a simple check can go along way . The Other thing is never reuse the fishing rig or snapper snatchers after fishing.

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