Whiting Rig Diagram Make Bottom Fishing Rigs Easy Setup Video Tutorial

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Whiting Rig Diagram step By Step video make your own fishing Rigs.

Whiting Rig Diagram  Below.  On this Page you Find Helpful Tips To improve your fishing , This Set up is Made to Catch King George Whiting, Bream ,Flathead  or any fish in that size class. Suited Area’s that hold bit of current .  Suitable for Land based Surf ,Rock,Pier Bottom fishing , or out in your Boat . Pretty much every where you fish.

Tackle Need To Tie This Whiting Bottom Rig Tutorial.

Tackle I used in this Tutorial. To Make this whiting Bottom Rig is as Followed. 30lb yo zuri fluorocarbon leader / line. The line strength can vary from as Light as 10lb to 30lb just depending on conditions your fishing.  The Fishing hook were Mustard Long Shank Size 4 / 6 . But you can choose to use a Circle hook, Here are some good options  to use gamakatsu worm hooks , Owner ,  .

The Sinker weight Lead Should be as light as possible to get to the bottom. I prefer bell shaped sinkers for out my boat , but if land-based fishing the surf then i lie the star Shaped. Easy Clips Are also Another option for clipping you lead on and are worth having in your Tackle Box.

The fishing barrel swivel Should be rated to at least 30lb .My favorite swivel’s are by shogun which are a little more priced . but a good cheap option are by Sure catch. 


I always Have at Least one Pre made Paternoster out I use Reedy’s Rigz  Like in the Below Image. You can Purchases them here

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Fishing Rig Full – Whiting Rig Diagram.

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Flathead Rig Tie Rigs Make Bream Flathead Rigs Tying Diagram.

The Best Baits for whiting are Fresh Squid Strips or Pipi. Your Local Tackle shop will supply with these suggested baits.

Reedy’s Rigz Tackle Tying.


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