Running Rig Diagram of Fast Current Fishing Rigs Video

Western Port Rig Fishing Fast Current Running: Rigging Simple diagram Drawing of Rigs

Western Port Rig. A  Diagram Drawing of a simple basic running rig you want to fish in western port Victoria. We use this rig for snapper, gummy sharks Mulloway when the current is moving fast. At slack tide, we fish a Reedy’s Rig. To tie this western Port rig you will need Leader 80lb or 100lb Circle hooks / Octopus & an Easy clip Some mono rated to 20lb and a Bell Sinker. Let’s be clear this rig is not just used at the western port but can be fished anywhere in the world you find fast-moving water. you often catch Sharks on this rig and land them because of the circle hooks which fish well. Step By Step Video Below.Snapper Rig, Fishing Rig, Best Snapper Rig, Snapper snatchers , Ultra Rig, Paternoster Rig, Bait rig, Reef Rig, Bottom Rig, Ledger Rig This rig can be fished in all states and territories when you encounter Fast-moving water. I have Personally Fished it in South Australia & New South Wales & Queensland it Fishing well.  The rig would also be useful around the World in the same scenario as Above.

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Type’s Of fish The Rig Can Catch.  Snapper, Gummy Shark (smooth Hound), (Kingfish But I would fish Using Snell Hooks In Replacement of the Circle Hook ) Just Change the Leader on the Rig with Snell Suicide hooks ) there is a video on this Page on how to snell Hooks Click here After Learning the Below Rig

western port rig ,diagram western port rig , snapper rig western port

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How To Tie a Running Rig Used in fast-moving water Offshore Inshore

Running Rig for fishing Fast Current Rig or running rig: A Simple Fishing Rig used in areas you might find fast-flowing currents like western port or any other place in Australia. I use this rig when the tides are flowing to target fish l such as gummy sharks & snapper. To tie this fishing rig you will need some leader, I prefer to use 80lb in fast current as you need heavy sinkers to get to the bottom .you will also need a Circle Hook,  you want your bait to sit straight once on the bottom. you will also need some easy clips & Some shock leaders, I just use a normal 80lb leader for my shock leader you will need Swivels rated to 100lb.  a bell sinker/weight to clip on to your rig.
When tiring this running rig connect the rig using uni knots & to connect mono to( braid mainline ) I use a double uni knot, follow the diagram to tie the rig, this rig will hold up on many fish I have caught snapper gummy sharks & variety of fish easily dispatch of big ray’s & seven gillersharks, using Circle hooks mean you can catch sharks with teeth on this rig because of  9 times out of ten you get a jaw to hook up which keeps the leader away from the fish teeth. you can also use this running rig on whiting you just need to use a smaller line class.

Slack tide rig I use a paternoster ultra rig

When I fish fast current I use two different fishing rigs when going fishing in a western port I normally launch my boat 2 hours before the top of the tied. for most of the time, you have 12 knots of current but when Slack Tide comes which usually last for an hour or so I like to use a flasher rig which is great, for that period until the tide starts to flow again, I use Reedy’s Rigs because of the good quality pre-tied rig & there affordable.

Learn About Bait Presentation in western Port Click Here with video

To view the Drawing of the fast current running rig 

dominator circle hook , reedys hooks , fishing hooks

Awesome Hooks For Gummy Shark & Snapper ?

Reedy’s Domintor Size 8/0 Buy Packs Awesome for Western Port

In the Above Video We fish western port for snapper in may , With amazing Results. Using Reedy’s UV Fly’s Size 8/0 & Snell 187 We Caught 6 Fish. Watch the Video and See for yourself.

circle hook, lumo hook , fly, snapper

UV Single Hooks For Western Port

Lumo Hooks For the Port

Reedy's Rigs Fishing Tackle

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Western Port Rig Running Rigs Great For Snapper Mulloway Kingfish

Below is a High-quality drawing of The Running Rig We fish in Fast current Like western port & Any Ocean you Might find Current like Port Welshpool corner inlet and many other Destination’s around Australia Where you may find Fast current.


fast current fishing rig diagram , western port rig, gummy shark rig, fast current rig for snapper