Reedy’s Ultra Rigs: The Ultimate Pre-Tied Rig for Unbeatable Performance and Results

Reedy’s has designed the Ultra to surpass anything currently available on the market. With upgraded materials and components, the Ultra is the ultimate pre-tied rig for anglers seeking the best possible performance and results.

The Difference Between a Flasher Rig and an Ultra Rig:
There’s a difference in material between the two pre-tied rigs. The Ultra Rig uses new fiber that reflects light, similar to a UV squid jig, making it 5 times brighter and more luminous than a conventional flasher rig.

New Terminal Tackle Components – Swivel and Hook:
Reedy’s Rigz has upgraded the components for the Ultra Rig, including the fishing swivel, which has been changed from a barrel to a crane. While most flasher rigs use a barrel swivel, the ball bearing swivel is much more effective at preventing line twist. The new circle hook is also an improvement on the Ultra Rig.

Reedy’s Ultra Rigs are the ultimate pre-tied rigs for anglers seeking the best possible performance and results. These rigs are designed to surpass anything currently available on the market, with upgraded materials and components that set them apart from the competition.

One of the key features of the Ultra Rig is the use of new fiber that reflects light in a way similar to a UV squid jig. This makes the Ultra Rig 5 times brighter and more luminous than a conventional flasher rig, giving anglers a significant advantage when fishing in low light conditions.

In addition to the upgraded fiber, the Ultra Rig also features new terminal tackle components, including a crane swivel and circle hook. The crane swivel is an improvement on the traditional barrel swivel, providing better performance and preventing line twist. The circle hook is also an improvement over traditional hooks, as it is designed to hook the fish in the corner of the mouth, reducing the risk of injury and improving catch and release success.

Reedy’s Ultra Rigs are pre-tied and ready to use straight out of the packet, making them a convenient and easy option for anglers of all skill levels. These rigs are available in a range of sizes and configurations, allowing anglers to select the rig that best suits their needs and target species.

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just starting out, Reedy’s Ultra Rigs are a great choice for those seeking the best possible results on the water. With their superior materials, components, and design, these pre-tied rigs are sure to help you catch more fish and have a more enjoyable fishing experience.

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