Pre Tied Paternoster Rigs Ultra Rigs Catching Big Snapper video

Below is a Video of us going out and fishing for snapper using Reedy’s Ultra Rigs you can see in the video. we catch a Big Haul of Reds. We now Turn our Attention to Queensland & Western Australia as the Reds with Coming to Spawn along the coastal Inshore reefs Such as Burley Heads, Kings cliff and Brisbane’s Morton bay. These Snapper rigs have Been Designed with the best components. Hand-Tied on 80lb Leader they Range From 5/0 to 8/0 in 4 Colours Each with a Lumo hook and without. The Dominator Circle Hook is an Offset Hook to Provide a Better hook up rate for hungry anglers. Its very important to Fish Quality Hooks as big snapper are know to Destroy Hooks.

Video Showing us Catching Many Snapper on Reedy’s Pre Tied rigs

Its worth having one of these rigs in your tackle box this season. And you can see why.

Ultra Rigs Catching All Snapper In Big Fishing Haul

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