About Our New ULTRA Fishing RIGS Will Be available In This Snapper Season

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The Difference Between a Flasher rig and a Ultra Rig .
The Materiel is different on a Flasher Rig then Ultra Rig. On the ultra-rig it Use new fibre that reflex’s light the same way a uv Squid jig works. It’s is game changer . 5x More Brighter &  luminous  then a conventional flasher rig.

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New Terminal Tackle Components Swivel & Hook
The New Reedy’s Rigz components have change on the ultra-rig
The New fishing Swivel
Upgraded from a Barrel to a Roller ( ball Bearing ) . Over the years We have noticed nearly all flasher rigs have use a Barrel Swivel . We thought it was time for a change
The Job of Both ball bearing and barrel swivels is to prevent line . A barrel is not as good as a ball bearing swivel. The ball bearing swivel has a little ball bearing in it & it’s much more effective at preventing line twist.
The New Circle hook 
Heavier gauge circle hook for bigger fish but with a straight shank A great hook to use with all the advantages of circle design which ensures as close to 100% catch rate after hook-up.

Before the Start of this years snapper season we will be showing the new Ultra rig on our YouTube channel “Reedy’s Fishing “ the rig is unreal and was our secret weapon over winter 

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