Meet the Reedy’s Ultra Rig: A Flasher Rig Like No Other!

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At Reedy’s Rigs, we create top-tier fishing gear for everyone in the family. We’re proud of our pre-tied fishing rigs, designed with you in mind.

 Discover the Ease of our Paternoster Rigs

Whether you’re fishing from a boat or from the shore, our Paternoster rigs, including the well-known Flasher Rig, ensure a successful fishing experience. Easy to use and highly effective, these rigs are your reliable fishing companion.

Trust the Best: Why Reedy’s Rigs Stands Out in Australia

Reedy’s Rigs has earned the reputation as one of the most trusted and family-friendly fishing brands in Australia. If you’ve used our fishing rigs before, you know their quality firsthand. If you haven’t already, we invite you to give them a try!

Committed to Innovation: The Arrival of the Reedy’s Ultra Rig

We believe in ceaseless improvement. With this in mind, we’re thrilled to introduce the latest fishing rig in our collection – the Reedy’s Ultra Rig. Designed to be the best in the market, the Ultra Rig brings a new level to your fishing experience.

Get to Know the Reedy’s Ultra Rig

The Reedy’s Ultra Rig is a revolution in fishing rig design. A pre-tied, Paternoster rig, it employs UV fibre and features a unique glow in the dark design.

Understanding the Paternoster Rig

A Paternoster Rig like Reedy’s Ultra Rig is optimal for both long distance and mid-range fishing. The rig’s two-part structure – one part with the lead attached, the other with the hook – reduces resistance to the fish, making it the perfect choice for effective fishing.

Subtitle: “Celebrate Variety with the Reedy’s Ultra Rig”

The Ultra Rigs come in four vibrant colors – Midnight (Blue), Scallop (Orange), Pinkblitz (Pink), and Super Lumo (Green). Each rig is hand-tied with a Dominator Circle Hook from Japan, ensuring high quality and durability. It also features Reedy’s Barrel Swivel tied on an 80lb leader, accommodating up to two fish on the hook at one time. Upgrade your fishing game with Reedy’s Ultra Rig today!

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The trick is to strike at the right time. The bite registration is done with a swing tip, quiver tip or touch ledgering. For more great tips and advice on recreational fishing, subscribe to our hugely popular YouTube channel Snapper Fishing Tackle.

What’s Special About the Reedy’s Ultra Rigz?

Reedy’s Ultra Rigs is a new and advanced and a much improved version of the Reedy’s Flasher Rig, which is one of our most popular products. It is superior in every way to the Flasher Rig, and much different from our other bestselling product, the Snapper Rig / Flasher Rig.
Let’s see how.
5X Times the Luminous Glow
This fishing rig offers “5X” times or five times as much luminous glow under water. This is great for attracting the fish. Fish are curious by nature and they are attracted by light. To catch the fish, show them the light, and that’s what the Ultra Rigz from Reedy’s does.
The Fasher Rig and Snapper Snatcher are made using FLASHABOU Fibre. FLASHABOU is an old technology, founded way back in 1982. Back then, it was discovered that adding “flash” or a synthetic accent to the lure was a great way to attract fish.

FLASHABOU makes super strong metallic fibres that were soon a part of lures and fishing rigs everywhere. It certainly made fishing a lot easier for recreational fishing enthusiasts or those who fish for fun.
Since then, the technology has improved. The new Reedy’s Ultra Rigz is made using a new fibre which glows 5 times as much as FLASHABOU does. That’s what makes it so special.
In fact, you can draw many comparisons to the Ultra Rigz and to how a UV Squid Jig works. Ultra Rigz make use of a new type of fibre that reflects light in the same manner as a UV Squid Jig. That’ what makes it such a game changer!
A Brand New, Highly Innovative Terminal Tackle
Ultra Rigz makes use of much improved terminal tackle or swivel and hook system. What makes this new terminal tackle so brilliant is that it is based on a very simple but effective technology.

Let’s see how.
The new Ultra Rigs features a new fishing swivel, which has been upgraded from a barrel to a roller (a ball bearing.) Now, what’s so smart about a ball bearing? Hear us out.
We’ve been making the Reedy’s Flasher Rigs for quite a few years now. Reedy’s Flasher Rigs, like all other flasher rigs makes use of a barrel swivel system. We felt that it was time for a change, time for something new, something better.
That’s why we have introduced a new swivel system that makes use of a ball bearing rather than a barrel.
Both the ball bearing swivel and the barrel swivel have one basic purpose, which is to prevent line.
However, barrel swivels are not nearly as good or as efficient as ball bearing or roller swivels at preventing the line from twisting. The new ball bearing swivel consists of a tiny little ball bearing which is very good at preventing any sort of line twist.

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