Reedy’s Ultra Rig: Snapper Fishing Ac Much Improved Version of the Flasher Rig Snatcher

Reedy’s Ultra Rigs is a new and advanced type of fishing rig. It is a prettied, Paternoster rig that uses UV fibre and glows in the dark. Originally Designed by Reedy’s 

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What’s a Paternoster Rig?

Reedy’s Ultra Rig is tied in a Paternoster formation. Using Paternoster rigs is one of the best methods for catching fish. You can also use this method mid-range from close-in.
A Paternoster Rig such as Reedy’s Ultra Rigz has two main parts: One that has the lead attached and the other that has the hook attached.

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What’s Special About the Reedy’s Ultra Rigs?

Reedy’s Ultra Rigs is a new and advanced and a much improved version of the Snapper Rig, which is one of our most popular products. It is superior in every way to the Flasher Rig, and much different from our other best selling product’s.

Let’s see how.
10X Times the Luminous Glow
This fishing rig offers “10X” times or five times as much luminous glow under water. This is great for attracting the fish. Fish are curious by nature, and they are attracted by light. To catch the fish, show them the light, and that’s what the Ultra Rigs from Reedy’s does.

The Flasher Rig and Snapper Snatcher are made using FLASHABOU Fibre. FLASHABOU is an old technology, founded way back. Back then, it was discovered that adding “flash” or a synthetic accent to the lure was a great way to attract fish.
FLASHABOU makes super strong metallic fibres that were soon a part of lures and fishing rigs everywhere. It certainly made fishing a lot easier for recreational fishing enthusiasts or those who fish for fun.
Since then, the technology has improved. The new Reedy’s Ultra Rigs is made using a new fibre which glows 10 times as much as FLASHABOU does & is more Natural in the water.

That’s what makes it so special.
In fact, you can draw many comparisons to the Ultra Rigs and to how a UV Squid Jig works. Ultra Rigs make use of a new type of fibre that reflects light in the same manner as a UV Squid Jig. That’ what makes it such a game changer!

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The new Ultra Rigs features a new fishing swivel, which has been upgraded from a barrel to a roller (a ball bearing.) Now, what’s so smart about a ball bearing? Hear us out.
We’ve been making the Reedy’s  ULTRA Rigs for quite a few years now. Reedy’s  like all other flasher rigs makes use of a barrel swivel system. We felt that it was time for a change, time for something new, something better.
That’s why we have introduced a new swivel system that makes use of a ball bearing rather than a barrel.
Both the ball bearing swivel and the barrel swivel have one basic purpose, which is to prevent line.
However, barrel swivels are not nearly as good or as efficient as ball bearing or roller swivels at preventing the line from twisting. The new ball bearing swivel consists of a tiny little ball bearing which is very good at preventing any sort of line twist.
A New and Improved Hook
Reedy’s Ultra Rigs comes with a Dominator LUMO Circle hook : a slightly heavier gauge circle hook that is capable of catching much bigger fish, but with a straight shank.
What makes this new hook so good and easy to use is that it offers all the advantages of a circle design, except that it makes use of a straight shank.
This ensures that the catch rate after the hook-up is almost 100%! It can’t get any higher than that.
Suitable for Almost All Fish Species in Australia!
What’s your favourite fish? Here in Australia, we like to catch Snappers, Salmons, Tailors, Gummy Sharks and Mulloways. You may have your own favourites.
Reedy’s Ultra Rigs is designed in a way that it can be used to catch any fish species. This makes it different from a Flasher Rig, which is used only to catch Snappers.

But the Reedy’s Ultra Rigs can catch not only snappers, but also salmons, tailors, gummy sharks and Mulloways offshore insore, or for that matter any of your favourite fish species.

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