Top squid jig for Port Phillip Bay? Reedy’s Squid Jig Selection

Looking for the top squid jig for Port Phillip Bay? Picking the right one can seem tough when you’re just starting to learn how to catch squid. But don’t worry, after many years of fishing in Port Phillip Bay, I’ve figured out how to make squid fishing smooth and easy.

To me, catching squid is a straightforward task. Just go to the spots where squid are known to hang out, and reel them in. It’s as simple as that! Most of the time, that’s exactly what happens. It’s unusual for me not to fill my bag with squid from Port Phillip Bay.

The only things that could potentially get in your way are the weather or the equipment you’re using – in this case, your squid jigs. So, to save you years of trial and error, I’ve handpicked 6 of my all-time favorite jigs from my own tackle bag. And the good news? I’ve packaged them up for you to purchase, specifically designed for squid fishing in Port Phillip Bay.

Size 2.5 is Best For Port Phillip Bay Squid Fishing

In almost all of Port Phillip Bay, I use a size 2.5 squid jig for fishing. Even in strong currents, I can get these jigs down to the sea bottom effectively. So, moving ahead in 2023, I stick with 2.5-gram jigs – they don’t just work, they work brilliantly!

The color of the sky and the time of day typically guide my choice of squid jig. Usually, it’s between two jigs. If it’s low light, early in the morning or late in the afternoon, I typically go for the “Harimitsu VE-22 AR“. In contrast, if it’s midday, I usually opt for the Rui KR-103 2.5. These two jigs have been my go-to starters for the past few years.


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When I go squid fishing, I always use at least two rods, which is why I have a variety of jigs, although their colors are similar. 

When the sky is clear and sunny, I reach for the white jig. Whether it’s a Shimano Sephia or a Rui KR-43, honestly, the specific jig doesn’t matter much to me. If the sky turns a fiery red, I switch to the orange Rui KR-153. On really cloudy, dark days, the AR or the KR 147 are my go-to jigs.

These six squid jigs have proven their worth by catching countless squid. They’re so effective, even my young children can easily reel in squid with them!

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