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A couple new whiting rigs have entered the fishing scene. For many, their current rigs may hold a particular spot in their tackle for them, or they may consider then lucky in catching more fish while on a trip. Branching off into new gear is exciting to many fishermen. Having too much tackle is pretty much unheard of, and adding to it is always an option. Whether you’re a professional fisherman or someone who does it on the weekend to relax and forget about the work week, having the proper gear for the catch will significantly improve your chances to keep anything from getting away.
One of the new whiting rigs is the Standard Paternoster Rig. Paternoster rigs are one of the best methods for catching fish in the Port Philip Bay area. While being superior to the flasher rig, it also offers ten times as much luminous glow underwater as a lure for attracting fish. This as you know is necessary to catch anything. One of the things that makes this different from the standard paternoster rigs is the smaller hook size, which is a #6.
Another new whiting rig from Reedy’s is the Tinganoster Whiting Rig. This rig is perfect for catching whiting in the Port Philip and Western Port Areas. As they’ve been locally tested, you can trust the value of their use and are a definite must-have if you’re serious about catching whiting.
The Tingernoster Whiting Rig has some new features compared to the standard rig. It has a UV attracting material tied on 15lb fluorocarbon along with two #6 hooks. The lead clip can easily clip on and change the sinker/lead. This new type of fishing rig from Reedy’s has been designed to be a cross between a paternoster rig and a running rig. If catching whiting is your ultimate goal, then the Tingernoster Whiting Rig is the way to go.

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Both rigs come in the following colors:
• Bloodwork: Red and white UV Fly.
• BassYabby: Yellow and white UV Fly.
• Live Prawn: Pink and white UV Fly.
• Cockle/Pipi: Orange and white UV Fly.
Fishing is a great sport for everyone, whether professional, amateur, or hobbyist. Investing in these new whiting rigs will increase the likelihood of you catching more whiting and make your time fishing on the open sea more relaxing with some added excitement to brag at home about. Reedy’s Rigs are considered some of the top fishing rigs in the industry with a well-established reputation for helping fishermen with their catch.
Having the right gear can significantly improve your chances as a fisherman to bring home the catch of the day. With the proper rigs and the right location, your fishing haul will prove to be bigger than ever, not too mention giving you stories to tell to friends of drinks at the pub.’

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