How To Tie Snapper Rig Fishing Twin Hooks

Learn how to tie a Snell Hook for bait fishing with our simple and easy video below. This rig functions well with various leader strengths; I prefer 40lb, but 30lb to 80lb will also work depending on your catch. For instance, if you’re in an area with larger species like gummy sharks or Mulloway, you might want a stronger leader. The choice is yours. This rig is also a popular choice for targeting fish like Kingfish using live baits, such as squid.

Tackle Used in Rig Tying video

HOOK’S very important to use good quality. 

I use Reedy’s 187 Suicide hooks size available HERE in Packets of 25   which is fantastic value.  4/0 is my Preferred size but 5/0 & 6/0 are fine to.other Hooks Such as Owner cutting Point’s & Gamakatsu Octopus & Mustard big red’s are fine to. but i would use a suicide hook if you are keeping the fish or a circle if planing to Release.

Leader.   I use jinkai leader in 40lb other leader’s  that i like Shimano  tiagra & Daiwa J-Thread Leader Line 40lb.

Green Beads Lumo

Tie Snapper Rigs: Advanced Baiting Rigs Twin Hooks uni Knot Plus Snell.

The quality of your fishing hook is crucial when aiming to catch Snapper. The hook I currently use is durable, lasting a few trips, and it’s both strong and sharp. It’s definitely worth including them in your tackle box.

  To buy them click here 

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Flasher Rigs: I also discuss in this video another type of Fishing Rig called a Paternoster Dropper also Known as a Snapper Ultra Rig. Update 2019, I now Fish Ultra Rigs A very High-Quality Rig better then a flasher rig learn more here

If you want to complete your fishing tackle with Reedy’s Rigs, I recommend using one Flasher Rig in combination with Snell hook rig, which i demonstrated in the video how to tie.  They can be fished anywhere in Australia, and they are the bread and butter when it comes to Snapper fishing. If your fish Fast currents, you may want to try this

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Ultra Rig are Top Quality Rigs UV Paternoster

Buy 10 Ultra Rigs “scallop” Stock up for Snapper Season Click Here

The Best Quality Snapper Rig on The market.

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Super Lumo original Designed Rig By Reedy’s Rigs®

Super Lumo Comes in 4 Different Size’s 5/0 6/0 7/0 &  8/0 is Great for targeting fish Like Gummy sharks Snapper and many Reef Fish.  Buy Super Lumo Click here

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Midnight Pilchard original Designed Rig By Reedy’s Rigs®

Super Lumo Comes in 4 Different Size’s 5/0 6/0 7/0 &  8/0 is Great for targeting fish Like Gummy sharks Snapper and many Reef Fish.

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