Tie Snapper Rig Snell in Hooks

Tie a Snapper Rig How To Easy Rig Video Step By Step Rig Tying Guide For Snell Rigs

Tie Snapper rig  Fishing Rigs Simple And Easy Below Are The Video Of Tying A Snell Hook For bait fishing. The rig will fish well with various leader strengths. I like 40lb but from 30lb to 80lb will fish good depending on bycatch eg if you encounter fish bigger in the area, like gummy sharks or Mulloway you may want to fish a stronger leader. But the choice is yours’s to make. This Rig is Also a Popular Choice to  Target Fish Such as Kingfish with Live Baits, Eg Squid.


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Tie Snapper Rigs: Advanced Baiting Rigs Twin Hooks uni Knot Plus Snell.

Tie Snapper Rigs: In this video, I show people how to tie an advanced Snapper Fishing Rig using 40lb Leader with Snell Hooks.  This Fishing Rig is widely used and is one of my favorite rigs to fish in Port Port Phillip Bay & South Australia when fishing for Australian Snapper. The video contains a step by step instructions on how to hand-tie the Uni Knot and the Snell Twin Rig.

Flasher Rigs: I also discuss in this video another type of Fishing Rig called a Paternoster Dropper also Know as a Snapper Snatchers Rig.

If you want to complete your fishing tackle with Reedy’s Rigs, I recommend using one Flasher Rig in combination with Snelled hook rig, which i demonstrated in the video how to tie.  They can be fished anywhere in Australia and they are the bread and butter when it comes to Snapper fishing. If your fish Fast currents, you may want to try this Advanced Running Rig here.


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Tie  Snapper Rig  with Snell Twin Hooks, which is what I fish in Port Phillip Bay. The Fishing Rig is used widely around Australia not only to target Reds but i also use this rig to target many fish including Mulloway.  I have created a video for Anglers who want to tie their own rigs with ease .