Tasmania’s King George Whiting Explosion: A Fishing Adventure

The Rise of King George Whiting in Northern Tasmania

King George Whiting have always been present in Northern Tasmania. However, over the last 15 years, there’s been a dramatic increase in their population in our estuaries and inshore waters. What was once a rarity has now become a substantial fishery, providing anglers with plenty of opportunities to reel in these beautiful fish.

 fishing tasmina Catching moster Snapper & whiting Damon with a Huge Red caught in Birdport

The Record-Breaking Size Whiting of Tasmania

Tasmania boasts some of the largest King George Whiting in the nation. Anglers regularly land 50 plus cm fish, with the occasional colossal 60 plus cm whiting making an appearance. These larger than life fish are a testament to the thriving conditions and abundant resources available in our Tasmanian waters.

The Bridport Fishing Experience

About five years ago, I moved to the seaside village of Bridport, a place familiar to me for its big snapper. This move expanded my fishing pursuits, allowing me to target Sea Trout, Bream, and of course, King George Whiting.

 Success with Reedy’s Rigs

The 2019 snapper season at Bridport was a personal best, both in terms of numbers and size. It was also the season I discovered Reedy’s Rigs. These rigs, particularly the Snapper Ultra Rig and 187 suicide hooks, are impressively sharp, strong, and durable, proving effective on the local Reds. Reedy’s Tinganoster Whiting Rigs and wide gap hooks, specifically designed for whiting, showed similar results.

king george whiting, whiting , tinganoster, tasmiania whiting

The Monster Catch

One December day, I decided to target the local whiting at Bridport. Anchoring in a known whiting spot, I had the thrilling experience of catching my first Bridport King George Whiting, which turned out to be the biggest one I’ve ever caught, measuring at an impressive 55 cm. The day ended with a bag limit of 5 whiting, each over 52 cm, all caught on the Reedy’s Tinganoster Whiting rig.

King George whiting

An Exciting Expedition with Hook Line and Sinker Fishing Television Show

A memorable trip unfolded in September 2020 when the Hook Line and Sinker Fishing Television Show invited me to take them out on a Northeast Tasmanian Whiting expedition. We were successful in landing a whopping 57 cm whiting, making for an exceptionally successful and memorable trip.

 Pro Tips for Successful Whiting Fishing

To enhance your chances of a successful whiting fishing trip, here are some tips:

The Unspoiled Beauty of Tasmania

Tasmania is more than just an island with abundant King George Whiting. It’s a place where nature and beauty intersect, offering a unique and enriching experience to all who visit. With its lush landscapes, rich history, and warm people, Tasmania is a hidden gem in Australia, an undiscovered secret waiting to be explored. The prolific King George Whiting is just one aspect of what makes Tasmania an exceptional place. Its rich and varied marine life, undisturbed

You can learn more about Tasmanian Whiting Fishing on my YouTube channel, Northeast Tasmanian Mega Whiting. King George Whiting is indeed one of my favourite fish to catch and eat. I hope this article inspires you to experience the thrill of fishing for the best tasting fish around.

How to Catch King George Whiting: Tips and Techniques

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