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One Day Catch: Snapper, Squid & Gummy Shark in Port Phillip Bay

As the sun reaches its zenith, signalling the start of our maritime escapade, my friends [...]

Reedy’s Ultra Rig: A Highly Improved Version of the Flasher Rig for Snapper Fishing

Reedy’s Ultra Rigs is a new and advanced type of fishing rig. It is a [...]

Reedy’s Rigs – Ultra Rigs Vs Other Flasher Rigs.

Reedy’s Ultra Rigs are better than flasher rigs because they are made from a luminous/UV [...]

Snapper Snatchers Old VS New Ultra Rigs

Fishing Ultra Snapper Rigs Flasher Rig Pre-Tied Fishing Rigs Snapper Rigs Hand Tied Fishing Rigs [...]

Best bait Snapper fishing Rig & Basic saltwater Rigs

Best bait Snapper fishing Rig Basic saltwater Rigs When fishing for snapper there are many different [...]