Tackle For Snapper Westernport & Port Phillip Bay Winter

A true winter red is caught in “July ‘and here is why?

in late August Some years the snapper will start to come in our bays a little bit early and your a fair chance to catch in LATE August if you know what your doing !! . so this run is part of the initial run for the “start” of “snapper season” in Melbourne Victoria . and then in early “JUNE ” the last lot of snapper “leaving” the the bay’s can be caught can be caught.. if you know what your doing !! .
Making JULY nearly impossible to catch a snapper ( real snapper not a pinkie or small fish). So to me a July snapper is as good as catching a 20lb pound snapper because of the effort  you put into catching one.!!  Below is a video showing just that Catching a Real Winter Snapper !!!!

Tackle Western Port

In Westernport you’re constantly dealing with fast moving water. often you come across big Stingrays sharks and various other fish.
so it’s important to have the right tackle. when targeting fish such as snapper. I like to run a fishing combo of 6 to 10 kilos not because I can’t catch a snapper on the lighter gear.

I’ve used a lot of fishing rod combos over the years and I find you better off spending a little bit of extra money and having some quality tackle that will large longer rather than buying cheap stuff that breaks and it’s not going to get the job done.
A decent Rod Combo for me
Shimano Rod Saragossa 8000
Shimano Rod Sentire Stealth series model number 691 pelagic P-6
Spooled the real exposed with 40 pound Daiwa 8x strand Braid.
I’ll rig 2 metres of Leader “mono “ and tie an easy clip with a running sinker. my choice of hooks are early season I like the 187 suicide hooks also known as octopus hooks. I feel these are super super sharp and give me the best opportunity to catch a snapper in winter or early season. as you seen in the video above.

I’d also recommend this tackle anywhere that has fast moving currents or anywhere that has big Stingrays and lots of sharks. it also helps getting the fishing quicker and spending more time fishing for snapper rather than mucking around with unwanted speak fish species

Port Phillip Bay Tackle

In port Phillip Bay I used slightly different tackle. early season I’m generally fishing shallow and I fish mono main line .
My rod combo is
Reel Shimano Baitrunner 6000D
I prefer graphite rods in port Phillip Bay over fibreglass so I’d recommend the same sentire stealth 1 pelagic on the bait runners.
my main line is 12lb-15lb And I like to use green line I don’t really have a favourite brand with mono but I tend to buy Berkeley.
I recommend having four at least four rods out while fishing for snapper in port Phillip Bay that’s the maximum you can fish per person in Victoria.
The rigs are yous I generally three times Snell hooks & Ultra Rig By Reedy’s . on my Spread.

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