Squid Jig Longevity Protect Cloth Egi Jigs Double The Life.

 Squid jig Longevity Cloth Jig Protect. 

There is a very simple way to make your expensive clothed squid jigs last longer than just one bag out trip or even after a half dozen big squid.
Squid are ferocious at attacking their pray and can make a mess of your expensive clothed jigs as shown in these photos in no time.

squid jig Protecton,Squid Jig Longevity

Broken Squid Jig,Squid Jig Longevity

Above Squid Jig Sumizoku Harimitzu After One Trip

A very simple way is to either brush on a clear varnish or to spray a clear coat enamel from a can.


This can easily be done by taping over the feathers of the jig with masking or clear sticky tape and stringing the jig up through the toe eye hole on the front and let them hang or if the sharp barbs don’t worry you from the rear I personally like to hold them from the barbs as this allows me more control of the jig when spraying and or brushing them. You can spray or brush the whole Jig if you like but be wary that some Jigs might have colored foil underneath the cloth on the underside of the Jig that might change the appearance (color) of your Jig, check before applying if there is no foil underneath your pretty much okay. Apply a light or thin coats to avoid saturation as this will alter the color too, let dry and reapply with a spray can, this can be done after 30 min. With varnishes, you must allow at least one day for curing before reapplying. Most Squids attacks the Jig on the top back half of it and you can get away with only covering that part of the jig if covering the whole jig worries you, (that is the top back half and sides of the jig). As with a lot of things in life it won’t last forever you will need to re-do this process again but you will get at least half a dozen outings or depending the amount of punishment the jig receives before having to repeat the process.


 Squid Jig Longevity 

Article – Squid Jig Longevity By Ken The Mad Hatter Fisho

Below Is a video Showing how to protect your Squid jigs and stop them from Ripping.  We Spray the jigs with Rust-oleum Ultra Cover Clear Gloss. You can find the gloss at your local Hardware store. Then we Go out and fish the squid lures.


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