Mastering Squid Fishing: A Tutorial on Jigs

Squid largely depend on their eyesight for hunting, which means clear waters tend to offer the best chances for a successful squid fishing venture. Locations with reef bottoms or broken ground add to the attraction. Your choice of lure, however, should be influenced by both the tide and the time of day.

On bright days with transparent waters, a lure featuring natural hues is often the best choice. Personally, I lean towards black and orange squid jigs in these circumstances. On darker, cloudier days or when the water appears muddy, a lure sporting bright colours like yellow, green or pink often proves more effective. Sounds straightforward? That’s because it really is.

The approach doesn’t need to be overly complicated. Given that squid primarily feed near the sea floor, your main aim should be to get your jig as near to the bottom as possible. How deep the water is where you plan to fish is an essential factor to consider.

Reedy's Rigs Fishing Tackle

There aren’t any definitive rules when it comes to selecting the right jig size. I’ve had the experience of catching large fish using small jigs, and the reverse has been true as well. Personally, I have a preference for smaller jigs around the 2.5 jig size. I’m of the belief that it’s the angler’s technique that truly matters – being able to make the jig dart near the sea floor and timing it right to be at the prime spots at the opportune moments.

For those wondering, an Egi jig is essentially a Japanese term for jigs – they are the same thing. While high-end fishing jigs from brands like Yo-Zuri, Yamashita, and Shimano Sephia can be highly effective, I’ve found that less expensive jigs can perform  well but just dont last . As such,.

Generally, I lean towards reliable squid jigs from reputable brands like Shimano, and I’ve also found great success with jigs from Rui Jigs a brand well-known for their quality offerings.

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