Squid Fishing Port Phillip Bay How To Catch & Hunt Tutorial Video

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Squid Fishing is Simple. First, you’re going to need the right tackle set up. This will be a selection of Egi Squid Jigs. I keep a range of colours in my tackle box.  Different fishing conditions will require using different coloured squid jigs. On a cloudy day, i might rig up a bright coloured jig. As they hunt with there eyes so water clarity is very import and a squid needs to see your jig. If your new to squid fishing, you’re better of just watching the video below I run through everything you would need to know when starting out for squid fishing.  

Update i now Use Only Good Squid jigs My Favourite at the moment is by Rui .

Squid Jig we Use in Port Phillip bay Can be Bought here as a Pack i have Put together

Below is A new Video we Did in 2019 with some More tips

I can’t tell you which jig to select but I can share some information on how I select my jigs so I am going to keep this as basic as possible without getting too technical. I won’t be explaining the techniques on how to use the squid jig (techniques, jigging, twitching, whatever you want to call it), but I will focus on where and how to find a squid so it will help you selected your jig in your area.

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Squid Fishing Learn how to Catch On Jigs & Lures Tutorial Video.

Squid predominately hunt with their eyes, so when you fish for squid its best to find clean water in your region, combined with a reef bottom or broken ground. Depending on the tide and time of day depends on what type of lure you need to use. On a brighter day with clear water, you should choose a lure with natural colours. Brown and Orange squid jigs are my preference in this situation. On a dark and cloudy day or if the water is murky I tend to use a lure with brighter colours such as yellow/green/pink. sounds easy right? that’s because it is.

I personally don’t get to technical. Squid feed near the bottom so you just need to get your jig as close to the bottom as you can. I think about how deep the water is where I’m are going to be fishing. There are no rules to selecting the right jig size. I have caught many big fish on small jigs and vice/versa. Personally, I prefer bigger jigs around 3.5 jig size and I believe that it’s in the technique of the fisherman to get the jig to dart around close to the bottom and to be in the right spots, in the right times .

An Egi jig is just the Japanese name for jigs they are the same jig. Expensive fishing jags made by Yo-Zuri, Yamashita and Shimano Sephia work a treat, but I am yet to see a cheaper jig fail and for this reason, I will predominately use Good Squid jigs like Rui Jigs

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