Snell Hooks & Tying a Uni-knot To Make a Port Phillip Bay Snapper Rig Step By Step Video

Snell A Hook How to Tie A Fishing Rig For Port Phillip Bay Snapper Fishing

Snell Your own Hooks & Learn How to tie an Awesome Fishing Rig For Red Snapper. Step By Step In the Video Below.

In This video, if your fishing Port Phillip Bay this rig out it fishes great I can guarantee it. In the bay, the rig fishes well with minimum Lead to get to the bottom. if fishing wide from 15-22meter try using size 1 Ball sinker when the tide changes and your fishing lines are going under the boat if you don’t wish to bridal your boat, this one of the best times to fish a  Reedy’s  Ultra Flasher Rig. My Spread of 4 rods will usually be rigged as the following, 3 rods with snell rigs & one with an Ultra rig. the snell rig I use 5/0  or 4/0 Hooks.

Below is a Video How an Ultra rig Fish’s Tips N Tricks

Reedy’s Rigs 187 Hooks are made of a strong and durable Japanese steel that range in the sizes of 4/0, 5/0, 6/0, and 7/0. They are also Teflon coated and super sharp for a better catch. To make these even better, they are perfect for snapper, kingfish, and a wide range of other fish species.
If you want to make your time out on the sea productive and enjoyable, then the Reedy’s 187 Hooks are really your best option. They increase your catch with some of their amazing features. You don’t want to leave these at the dock and leave your fishing to chance.
187 Hook Features:
• Chemically Sharpened: Even though these hooks are Japanese made, they are treated with a particular chemical to keep them sharper longer. This means an acid or chemical solution is used to sharpen the end. This allows for a smaller barb size and a thinner, more tapered point for hooking fish.
• Hook Point: The hand-ground point gives the 187 Hook its unprecedented performance in penetration. This reduces piercing resistance, meaning an increased and enhanced speed of penetration. The hook will resist wear and bend for more extended periods of time.
• Teflon Coating: All 187 Hooks are designed for extended life and performance. The Teflon coating enhances the penetration of the hook. This provides less friction and less force needed for the snapper or kingfish to bite. The fish won’t need much force to bite down on this hook. Also, the coating process reduces the corrosion process due to the salt content of the sea.
These hooks help you catch more fish. Reedy’s 187 Hooks are designed by those who know their game when it comes to fishing. They hold up to professional standards, and you can take advantage of their circle or octopus design with its straight shank. These hooks give you the perfect catch of snapper and kingfish at a rate of 100% and are a must-have for all your tackle and fishing needs.
Fishing for snapper and kingfish is a popular mainstay for many people. Have a variety of tools and excellent tackle like the 187 Hooks can help you excel in fishing as a hobby or sport. Your catch rate will improve with the right hook and impress your friends and family with your fishing prowess. Use a Reedy’s 187 Hook will enhance your chances of catching snapper or kingfish, and you’ll be reeling them in.

Snapper is a highly sought-after type of fish in Australia. You can use a variety of different lures and baits to help catch the snappers, including jigs and soft plastics. There is often a debate between fishermen about whether dead baits or live baits are better to use for catching snapper. You can really use pilchards, bonito, squid, or tuna as your bait and it would serve you just fine, regardless.

However, what you need to do is pay attention to the sharpness of your fishing hooks. Australian snapper fish don’t often take the bait after you’ve let it drop to the bottom. Instead, they’re going to target the bait as it is first dropping to the bottom. Either that or they’ll wait until you bring the bait back up toward the boat. This means you’ll need to be ready to snag the snapper quickly with a good quality fishing hook.

Don’t make the mistake of using cheap fishing hooks to catch Australian snapper. These are powerful fish which move quickly in the water. When you go to snag them with your hook, it needs to be a sharp hook that can penetrate the snapper’s mouth completely without hesitation. Otherwise, the snapper will likely escape with your bait, and then you’ll have to add more bait to your hook again. If you keep going at this rate, the expense of your bait will outweigh the money you saved from buying cheaper hooks.

Any professional or experienced Australian fisherman will tell you that premium quality hooks with sharp tips are the best to use for catching the Australian snapper fish. That is why one of the most recommended fishing hook brands is Reedy’s Rigs. Their product line of 187 Fishing Hooks is ideal for catching Australian snapper fish because they’re made with extra sharp tips and your choice between an octopus hook design or a classic circular hook design.

The octopus design does not use a straight eye like the circular hook design. It uses a reversed or bent back, eye design which is supposed to make snelling to a heavier fishing line much easier. Some fishermen still prefer the circular design with a straight tip for catching snapper, which is fine too. The level of sharpness is what really matters the most.