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When Fishing A  Reedy’s Rig , the Best Way to Use them is with Strip Baits or Half pilchards Chunk’s. Its A great Idea to Have at Least One Rod Tied With a Flasher Rig. if your Fishing In Reef Country it might be Worth Having a few Rods with the Rigs Tied On , Take Port Phillip bay For instance , its Bottom Feature’s are basically Mud , and When fishing These Area I will Keep my spread of 4 Rod 3 Of them Rigged With Reedy’s Snell Hooks & just fish One Ultra Rig .

Some Video Tips with Ultra Rigs New 2019 Update

But When fishing Close to Some the Reef’s In Port Phillip I will use all Flasher Rigs, Especially In Area’s Like Ricketts Point or in Close at Mt Eliza & Frankston, its Basically to Avoid Snag’s & enabling Me to Fish tight on the Reef Systems. But saying All this Sometimes The old ultra Rigs Just Flat out,  fishies the Other Rigs

Pre Tied Snapper Rig Early Season Snapper By Reedy’s Rigs

In the video below I head out with Jackson to catch an early season snapper in September Ultra rigs & fresh squid are the key.

We Fly to South Australia our Pre Tied Rig work anywhere in the world??

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We offer Snapper rigs That Have Snelled Hooks On twin Hooks. This Snapper Rig is Called Our Charter Special it Is Very common in Places Like Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay Where its a Good idea to fish two types of fishing rigs. The Ideal Set up for snapper in Australia is two Have a combination of fishing rigs. Take Port Philip Bay, For instance, I Like to Fish in My 4 Rod Spread Both Styles Of snapper rigs, The Good old Paternoster Flasher rig & Snell Rigs the Twin Suicide Hooks. Both Snapper rigs Are Effective & On some Days One can Be better than Others. Fishing Perth? See our Setup for Snapper Stock up of Winter Snapper season. tying Running Rig Snelled Totally Awesome Rigs