Why It’s Important to Use Very Sharp Hooks to Catch Australian Snapper

In Australia, the snapper fish like to inhabit the southern coastal waters of the country. Some of the best coastal towns and villages to fish for snapper include Shoalhaven, Vincentia, Gerroa, Berry, and Kiama. The Australian snapper fish grow in numbers throughout inshore waters. They exist in water depths ranging between 5 and 120 metres, but they’ll generally move in waters between 10 and 30 metres in depth.

Snapper is a highly sought-after type of fish in Australia. You can use a variety of different lures and baits to help catch the snappers, including jigs and soft plastics. There is often a debate between fishermen about whether dead baits or live baits are better to use for catching snapper. You can really use pilchards, bonito, squid, or tuna as your bait and it would serve you just fine, regardless.

However, what you need to do is pay attention to the sharpness of your fishing hooks. Australian snapper fish don’t often take the bait after you’ve let it drop to the bottom. Instead, they’re going to target the bait as it is first dropping to the bottom. Either that or they’ll wait until you bring the bait back up toward the boat. This means you’ll need to be ready to snag the snapper quickly with a good quality fishing hook.

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Don’t make the mistake of using cheap fishing hooks to catch Australian snapper. These are powerful fish which move quickly in the water. When you go to snag them with your hook, it needs to be a sharp hook that can penetrate the snapper’s mouth completely without hesitation. Otherwise, the snapper will likely escape with your bait, and then you’ll have to add more bait to your hook again. If you keep going at this rate, the expense of your bait will outweigh the money you saved from buying cheaper hooks.

Any professional or experienced Australian fisherman will tell you that premium quality hooks with sharp tips are the best to use for catching the Australian snapper fish. That is why one of the most recommended fishing hook brands is Reedy’s Rigs. Their product line of 187 Fishing Hooks is ideal for catching Australian snapper fish because they’re made with extra sharp tips and your choice between an octopus hook design or a classic circular hook design.

The octopus design does not use a straight eye like the circular hook design. It uses a reversed or bent back, eye design which is supposed to make snelling to a heavier fishing line much easier. Some fishermen still prefer the circular design with a straight tip for catching snapper, which is fine too. The level of sharpness is what really matters the most.

A sharp tip is just what you need to snag the snapper before it gets away with your bait. Reedy’s Rigs’ 187 Fishing Hooks seems to do the job better than most of its competitors. Give them a try the next time you’re out on the coastal waters of Australia to fish for snapper.

Below is a Video How to tie a Snapper Rig Snelling 187 Hooks . Please note this Rig Can be Used Anyway In Australia.

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