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When fishing Melbourne Port Phillip bays Its a great option the fish twin hooks on a 40lb leader. Each person can fish a max of 4 rods in Victoria & Melbourne so on my 4-rod spread which i will set up  3 rods with twin hooks or also know as a Snell. This is an effective rig to fish port Phillip bay and works very well. The last rig I will use is an Ultra rig By Reedy’s Rigs.  I normally fish the 6/0 or 5/0 Scallop Model as I find the Orange color with Lumo infused to the rig seems to add a little bit of grunt to the setup.  Snapper seems to be attracted to the Super lumo rig. I fish

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New to fishing? want to fish for the big Snapper and don’t know much about snapper fishing & rigs? These Snapper rigs are a great starting point for fishermen. The rig is simple and it works great. Reedy’s ultra rig are a great fishing rig because you can tie the rig’s onto the mainline, just apply the bait to your circle hooks & within seconds you’re fishing for Snapper and a range of fish. The built-in flashers, which doubles for a lure, is great because it adds the extra edge you may need to catch a big red. The fishing rig is designed as a paternoster rig or leger rig depending where you’re from.

They are very new to the market and used by various Fishing Charters. The best way to fish using the Ultra Rig from a boat is to drop it straight down to the bottom. You do not need to cast it if you are fishing with these rigs out of a boat.  fishing the rig vertical from the boats rocking up & down it helps to attract the fish to you Bait. Alternatively, if you are fishing the rig in the Surf from a beach, The Ultra Rig will also work awesome Luring in Australian Salmon. One of the best discoveries for the Ultra Rig was how good the Uv flashers work on Gummie Sharks.

My favorite rig to target tailor or salmon would be circle hook size 1/0.

Best Baits.
Choosing a bait to fish with your rig is pretty easy as well. Fresh is always the best, although if you can not get fresh bait the next best thing is a pilchard chunk or fish chunk due to its oil content. If the current is strong a squid rig or strip is a great option. Below are some images of how we bait our hook to get a perfect presentation for successful Snapper fishing. The circle hook is normally best done with a chunk of fish or strip of squid.

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Western Port Rig setting up for gummy sharks Snapper diagram to running rig.

Westernport Fishing Rig – Setting up to catch a to rig up for gummy shark or Snapper an awesome fishing rig to use is a running rig, as in the above picture we have caught many fish on this set up over at western port bay. it’s a reliable rig and with the fast-moving current of W.P, this is the perfect rig to streamline baits in that current.

why not try your luck early this snapper season 2019?

Fishing Adventures


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