How to Catch September Snapper In Port Phillip Bay

Over the Year’s of fishing port Phillip bay for snapper. I have worked out how to catch snapper in September. But it’s not easy!

The first run on snapper into the bay will be the big reds and generally happens just out from the full moon!! This year the full moon is on the 15th. It’s different every year ! What’s important is wind leading up to the moon so you can make a good guess to wear to target those reds coming in, as a general rule they head north!..  I live in Mt Eliza so i try to intercept them swimming up the bay !! 99 percent of the time I fish mud rather than reef on this moon because the fish are in transit.

I normally Set a trap in the middle of the bay with a burly pot on the bottom. And do some waiting like in the video below.

How to Catch Snapper Full Video Series Click here 

Rigs I & Hooks i Fish

GPS Mark Area of mud I Fish But in September they can Turn Up Anywhere in shallow out wide ANYWHERE other good area’s are Altona Just after the moon & black rock to rickets.

Mud Shipping Channel 21 m 38.07.394 144.55.990 Burly Pot on the Bottom. Run in tide / Big tide / High Barometer./ week on either side on the full moon.

Area’s to Fish In September Fish a Run in Tide Any General Area as on the map is ok , Burely hard 

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Best Moon for snapper

moon phase snapper, best moon phase for snapper

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Best Way to Bait an Ultra Rig

Silver whiting Head

Snapper can turn up Anywhere in September!  Click to Enlarge Map

Wind Play’s a big part in picking the area’s to target

Cheerful fisherman showing off Snapper caught with best-rated Reedys Rig at Port Phillip Bay

Early Season Snapper can be Picky with bait’s and can take smaller bait’s. its worth having a Reedy’s ultra rig Out

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