Snapper Season in South Australia 2019 – What to Expect?

South Australia is at its best during the Snapper Season. You have more than 300,000 people, or 1 in six South Australians, going out fishing during these months – mums, dads, kids, they are all in it. Families that fish together, stay together, as we like to say here.

Below is a Video of us out fishing when we encounter a white shark of the cost of South Australia. we originally fly out from Melbourne to try and catch a beast of a snapper, but got something far better, a real-life sighting of a great white shark!!! sit back and relax watch the event unfold.

When Does the Snapper Season Start in South Australia?

The Snapper Season in South Australia gets underway in October and lasts through the end of April. The season reaches its peak during Christmas and the Holiday Season.

Fishing Is very important to South Australia; so many local communities and small businesses depend on it. It is one of the biggest generators of employment here, and one of the prime drivers of tourism in the state.

Where to Find Snappers in South Australia?

There are so many great fishing spots in South Australia. SA is famous for having some of Australia’s finest whiting, snapper, and mulloway. There is nothing unusual about finding Snappers here that weigh 13.5 kilos or more.
There are many great fishing grounds here, where you’re likely to find plenty of Snappers – St. Kilda, one of Adelaide’s lesser-known fishing spots, is always packed with Snappers at this time of the year.
Rapid Bay at Fleurieu Peninsula is also pretty good. A new jetty has been built there primarily for recreational fishers.
We also like Cape Willoughby and Cape Hart, which have large Snapper schools passing by at this time of the year. Also worth visiting is the NORA Creina Bay, just off the Limestone Coast.

PortHughes at the Eastern Spencer Gulf, Port Wakefield ay the Northern Gulf St Vincent, Coles Point on the West Coast and Fowlers Bay on the Far West Coast are the other fishing grounds we like; where you’re going to find a lot of success. 

How to Catch the Snapper Fish in South Australia?

Right, you will need to get the right fishing equipment fish. You will definitely require soft plastic lures. Go for any of the top brands such as Squidgies, Berkeley and Zman Lures that make high-quality plastic lures.

Also, you will need a proper pre-tied fishing rig. There’s none better than the Reedy’s Ultra Rigz from Reedy’s Rigz.

Reedy’s Ultra Rigz is a pre-tied fishing rig favored by new anglers because it is soeasy to use. Anyone who is new to fishing should love these rigs; just tie theUltra Rigz to your mainline and start catching Snappers right away. Learn More Here

In fact, there are many professional fishermen who like Reedy’s Ultra Rigz as itis a pre-tied rig and saves them a lot of time and effort it saves them. So,they can focus on the main thing – fishing – rather than worrying about the non-essential details.

 Reedy’s Rigz is an Australian company that makes a variety of Snapper Lures, Pre-Tied Paternoster Rigs, Snapper Snatcher Rigs, Jigs, Flasher Rigs and more.  You will find their specialized fishing gear and equipment only at local tackle shops in Australia.  

Visit the Reedy’s Rigs Facebook page and subscribe to their YouTube channel for great tips and advice on How to Catch the Snapper.

Reedy's Rigs Fishing Tackle

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