Melbourne’s First Victoria Snapper Season Reedy’s Rigz Strike’s Again In Port Phillip bay Video

Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay Snapper Season Is Not Far Away Now. This A Short video We Filmed On Location in Melbourne’s Port Philip bay. Fishing In A Streaker 5.85 we Launched at Mornington to try For a Early Season Snapper. The Reds Are Coming Watch the Video In 4k.


Tackle Facts What We Fished To Target the Snapper

Fishing out of Mornington we though it was time to have a stab for an early season Snapper. We collected some Squid at the local bait grounds just near the ramp and we caught 3 squid in 3 casts. I knew our best bet was to push wide and try to catch a red crossing the bay heading towards Altona & Melbourne. We set up a spread of 8 rods & put a burley pot onto the bottom to try our luck. I knew if we waited one would come though.
The fishing rods and reels we were using was a Shimano Sienna 4000 on a Shimano Sonic Pro 4-8kg fishing rod. Spooled with 14lb monofilament line. 4 rods had pre-tied snelled rigs by Reedy’s Rigz and the others had the new Ultra Rigs in the Scallop and Lumo designs in size 5/0. The Ultra Rigs are 5x more luminous then a flasher rig. We used fresh Squid for bait and approximately 12km out from Mount Eliza towards the middle of Port Phillip Bay.
We caught the Snapper at approximately 9.30am. There was no tide change at this time but the barometer was very high. In my personal experience I have noticed that from September to the moon phase in late October or early November the fish get caught scattered around the bay.

Reedy’s Ultra Rig In The Scallop 

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The Rod i Caught My Snapper on was a  Shimano Sonic Pro 4- 8kg the Spinning Reel is a Sennia 4000 Spooled with 15lb Berkley Mono

Bait Fresh Squid  Catch in  at the Bluff it took 3 cast to catch them.  A bag of frozen pilchards.