Running Rig How To Tie a Fishing Rig Suitable For Fast Current’s Knot’s & Rig Tying .

Running Rig / Sliding Fast Moving Current’s Diagrams Fishing Rigs Tying Video.

Running Rig or Sliding rig as some people call it on this page you find  A Drawing Diagram & Video of a simple basic fast moving Current running rig.  We use this rig for red snapper  & Many Fish types such as Sharks, Reef fish the list is endless. when your Fishing a fast moving current you need your Bait to Sit naturally in the water or you will not get bite’s . it’s that simple. this Rig can be Fish anywhere in the world you find fast current weather, ifs offshore inshore or your local Estuary. As long as there’s Current over a few Knots in Speed.  Below is the video & diagram to follow.

Type’s of fish This Running Rig Can Catch is endless, .The Rig Can be modified to Suit most fish in the Ocean. Eg if your Targeting Smaller fish you may wish to fish lighter leaders & hook Sizes in the Video or Diagram.

how to tie Running RIg , Running rig Diagram

Below is the Same Rig but with a Small variation  With Snelled Hooks. Watch the video to Learn how to tie the above rig.  Below i have included a Snell Hook Video Below it. You Might want to use Suicide Hooks For Snelling this Rig, E.g Your Fishing a Whole squid and targeting kingfish, Mulloway or What fish is better targeted with suicide hooks. The choice is yours to make. both styles of hooks will work. You can also  Modify it with Wire Trace as Well if your fishing for toothy critters like sharks.

running rig, Snell hook Diagram, variation running rig, mulloway,shark,snapper,reef fish

Fast Moving Current Rig Video. Please Remember This Rig Can Be Modified to Suit Fish Size & Area.

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