Reedy’s Ultra Rigz

What’s so great about Reedy’s Ultra Rigz?

Reedy’s Ultra Rigz are pre-tied fishing rigs tied in the paternoster style. The fact that it comes pre-tied is very important – it saves you from a lot of time and effort.
Here’s why.

Tying a fishing rig is not easy. In fact, it’s a very complex thing to do. You can check out our video on YouTube on How to Tie a Fishing Rig. You’ll probably need to see the video multiple times, not something you’ll get the first time.
Indeed, when you try tying the fishing rigs, it’s like you’ve been trying to tie them forever. So instead of actually spending time on fishing and having fun with your partner and the kids, you’re instead spending all your time on tying the rigs!
Doesn’t make sense, right?
That’s why you should consider buying our pre tied fishing rigs. Reedy’s Ultra Rigz are the best pre-tied fishing rigs on the market.
Pre-tied means these rigs are already tied, so you don’t need to do anything. Just tie them on to your main line and away you go fishing! As simple as that!
Reedy’s Ultra Rigz saves you from a lot of effort and frees you up so that you can focus on fishing with your kids and enjoying the occasion.
You can catch any type of fish with these rigs such as Snappers, Salmons, Tailors, Gummy Sharks and Mulloways, which are found in abundance in Australian waters.
At Reedy’s Rigz, we also make Whitting Rigs and Snapper Rigs, which catch pretty much anything. We are an Australian company and all of our products are made in Australia and sold only in local Australian tackle shops.
Two reasons…
We want the money to stay in Australia and we want to do our bit for the local fishing industry, which employs more than 400,000 people.
You wouldn’t want the family-owned tackle shops to lose business to large internet behemoths like Amazon, would you? That would be disastrous for Australia’s fishing community.
So, why don’t you visit the nearest tackle shop and ask for the Reedy’s Ultra Rigz? Take your kids with you; they will love shopping for new fishing gear and equipment.


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