Reedy’s Ultra Rigs: A New Spin on Paternoster Rig and Flasher

At the forefront of top-tier fishing gear, Reedy’s Rigs presents their most recent innovation: the Ultra Rig. Crafted in the likeness of the paternoster design, it highlights the innovative Dominator circle hooks. These hooks, sporting a straight shank design, amplify the likelihood of successful catches. Now, let’s delve into the enticing features of this new development.

Innovating the Classic Paternoster

The conventional paternoster system is recognized for its simplicity and effectiveness, allowing anglers to bait multiple hooks simultaneously, thus boosting catch potential.  Reedy’s spin on this setup, brings the unique Dominator circle hooks into play. Their straight shank design improves the hook-up rate, rendering the Ultra Rig a powerful asset for any angler. Ultra Rig vs. Traditional Flasher Rig: The Game Changer The Ultra Rig and conventional flasher rigs may seem alike, but their materials differentiate them. While typical flasher rigs utilize luminescent materials to lure fish, the Rig steps up the game. It employs a novel fiber that reflects light akin to a UV Squid jig, making the it five times brighter than traditional flasher rigs.
High-quality Paternoster Rig by Reedys Rigs with quality hooks, flasher lure, and secret UV fly material, ideal for catching Snapper

Ultra Rig: The Angler’s Secret Arsenal

The Reedy’s Rig is more than a piece of tackle. Indeed, it’s a secret weapon for anglers. Equipped with light-reflecting fiber, the rig illuminates underwater. This glow creates a spectacle hard for fish to ignore. Thus,  draws fish toward the hook, enhancing effectiveness. Moreover, the Ultra Rig isn’t just luminous. Its paternoster style setup, coupled with Dominator circle hooks, enhances the hook-up rate. As a result, bait presentation is always optimal, leading to a higher catch rate and a more satisfying fishing experience. In a nutshell, Reedy’s represents a significant stride in fishing gear technology. With its bright allure, effective design, and high-quality hooks, it’s a must-have for all anglers. So, remember to pack it on your next fishing trip. You’re sure to reel in more fish with this fantastic tool.
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Flasher Rig vs Ultra Rig: Spot the Difference

While Flasher Rigs and Ultra Rigs may seem similar, their materials differ significantly. A typical Flasher Rig uses luminous material to attract fish. However, the Ultra Rig takes it up a notch. It adopts a novel fiber that mirrors light like a UV Squid jig. This groundbreaking feature makes the Ultra Rig five times brighter than a conventional flasher rig.
Freshly-caught snapper showcasing the effective Reedy's Ultra Paternoster Rig.
The Ultra Rig: The Secret to Success
The Ultra Rig goes beyond being a mere piece of tackle. It’s a secret ally for any angler. Thanks to the light-reflecting fiber, it illuminates underwater, creating an irresistible spectacle for fish. Therefore, enhanced attractiveness results in more fish being drawn to the hook. But it’s not just about luminosity.  The paternoster-style setup with Dominator circle hooks, optimizing the hook-up rate. This leads to optimal bait presentation, an increased catch rate, and a more rewarding fishing experience. To sum up,  Reedy’s Rigs marks a significant leap in fishing technology. Combining brightness, efficiency, and top-tier hooks, it’s an essential addition to any angler’s toolkit. So, don’t forget to include it  in your gear for your next fishing trip. It’s guaranteed to help you reel in an impressive catch. Delighted group of anglers proudly displaying their large snapper catch, hooked using a Paternoster rig by Reedy's Rigs, highlighting a successful fishing trip Image illustrates a group of enthusiastic anglers at Frankston ramp, proudly showcasing their bountiful snapper catch. Brett and young Zac are in the scene, having summoned a group of fellow fishermen to join the hot fishing action.

The Paternoster Rig: Versatility Meets Durability

Within the diverse realm of fishing, the paternoster rig holds a place of prominence. Known for its exceptional design and multipurpose nature, this rig presents itself as an asset to anglers worldwide. The Anatomy of the Paternoster Rig At its core, the paternoster rig is an assembly that includes one or more hooks affixed to it. A lead weight anchors the mainline, maintaining the rig’s steadiness underwater. Suspended from the mainline at regular distances are dropper lines or ‘snoods’ that carry the hooks and bait. This structure allows multiple baits to be simultaneously presented at various depths, offering a buffet for the fish and boosting your odds of a successful catch. The Paternoster Rig’s Multi-Scenario Adaptability One standout feature of the paternoster rig is its adaptability. It can be effectively used in an array of fishing environments – from deep-sea angling from a stationary boat to casting from a pier or shore. No matter where you choose to fish, the paternoster rig has your back. Baiting the Rig: The Key to Success As with any fishing setup, the choice of bait is crucial for success with a paternoster rig. While the rig works with a wide variety of baits, fresh bait usually ensures the best results. The scent of fresh bait is a potent attraction for fish, increasing your chances of a successful catch.

Durability Matters: Opting for an 80lb Leader

When it comes to paternoster rigs, durability is key. A good-sized leader, typically around 80lb, can enhance the rig’s durability and withstand the pull of larger fish. This feature is especially handy when you’re aiming to catch substantial species like snapper that can weigh up to 10kg or more.

 Paternoster Rig: Snaring Two Snapper Simultaneously

One of the exciting possibilities with a paternoster rig is the chance to catch two fish at once. With multiple hooks suspended in the water, you can attract and secure more than one snapper simultaneously, adding to the thrill and rewards of your fishing expedition.

Elevating the Paternoster Rig: Introducing Reedy’s Ultra Rig

While the traditional paternoster rig is quite effective, Reedy’s Ultra Rig takes it up a notch. This upgraded version features unique Dominator circle hooks attached to the dropper lines and an innovative fiber that mirrors light like a UV squid jig. These features make the Ultra Rig a standout amongst other fishing rigs, ensuring a higher visibility and more effective lure for a broad range of fish species. A Brighter, More Effective Lure: The Ultra Rig Difference The Ultra Rig is not just luminous, but five times brighter than a standard flasher rig. Paired with the efficient setup of a paternoster style rig, it’s a combination that ensures optimal bait presentation and a higher catch rate. In Conclusion The paternoster rig, with its classic design and efficient structure, has stood the test of time. The advent of Reedy’s Ultra Rig has infused this age-old setup with modern technology and materials, creating a more efficient, more effective fishing tool. As you embark on your next fishing adventure, arm yourself with an Ultra Rig, and experience the difference firsthand.