Reedy’s Rigs – Ultra Rigs Vs Other Flasher Rigs.

Reedy’s Ultra Rigs are better than flasher rigs because they are made from a luminous/UV material, They are manufactured from high-quality line and hook – and they come pre-tied.

Reedy’s Rigs – Ultra Rigs Vs Other Flasher Rigs.

First and foremost – it is important to point out that Reedy’s is an Australian owned and operated business.
This means that the Ultra Rig is designed for the tough challenge of lasting throughout the Aussie fishing season.
Unlike many countries – an Aussie fishing season is all day, every day.
This makes tackle design even more challenging, as fishing gear has to last.
Most flasher rigs are a low-quality reflective plastic, hook, line, and luminous ball combo that usually lasts one or two trips out to sea.
Not Reedy’s Ultra Rigs – They are made from quality material and parts that are continuously being tried, tested and changed – as fishing technology advances – so too do the rigs.
The Ultra rig has gone through rigorous testing – and already, changes have been made.
The Ultra Rig is comprised of a Reedy’s Dominator hook, a rolling/crane swivel (replacing the old barrel swivel) and a ball bearing swivel – all connected by a high-tensile eighty pound (80lb) leader line.
The Ultra Rig now has a heavier gauge hook so you can land the bigger fish.
The luminous/UV material is the same stuff used in UV squid jigs.
The material is spliced/frayed to create a feathered look, yet it is strong and flexible – and can take a beating.
The Dominator hook (7/0+) is also concealed in a luminous sheath to help give it that enticing look.


Reedy’s Ultra Rigs come in a range of colours and even though each one can be used for different purposes – here’s what the experts recommend.

PinkBlitz (Pink)- use this subtle colour for shallower fishing spots.

Midnight (Light Blue) – Depths down and around twenty metres.

Pilchard (Dark Blue) – for the deep fishing trips.

Other Colours – Scallop (Orange), Yabby (Yellow) and Bloodworm (red.)

There are 2 Hooks in each pack.

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How To Tie A Reedy’s Rigz Ultra Rig To Your Line.

The Ultra Rig comes pre-tied in a paternoster style setup that can be used from the shoreline, off a jetty or over the side of a boat.
But, you still need to attach it to your line.
Many beginner fishermen have no idea how to properly tie their tackle onto their rods. Most stick with the age-old adage – If you can’t tie good knots, tie many knots.
Even though this is effective – you end up with an ugly mess on the end of your line.
This is why experienced fishermen learn to tie the Improved Clinch Knot or also known as the Fisherman Knot.
It is a deceptively simple knot -it is a Granny Knot with six extra turns in it.
Step 1 – Pull your line through the ball bearing swivel. Give yourself plenty of tail.
Step 2 – Turn the swivel so the line wraps around itself. Make six or seven turns then,
Step 3 – Thread the tail (The short piece of the line) through the loop that has been created by your twists.
Step 4 – Now simply tuck the tail back under itself and,
Step 5 – hold the tail while you gently pull the other line – the knot will slip towards the swivel.
Alternatively, you can use this method to tie any style of clamping item, so you can quickly switch between colours.

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What is a Reedy’s Rigz Ultra Rig Used For?

Thre Ultra rig is a high-quality rig – these are primarily used to catch Snapper but can be used in hooking Flathead and other fish too.
How is it used?
Flashers are rigged up with a small sinker (3oz) to aid casting.
The line can be cast out or dropped over the side of the boat. The Flasher is allowed to sink to the bottom where the rock of the boat lets the hook rise and fall off the ocean floor.
This motion helps to entice the fish.
Some Flashers are designed with circle hooks – This style of Flasher should not be struck – just wind the reel and let the tip of the rod indicate whether you are getting bites.
Some fishermen do prefer to hook up small bite-sized pieces. This stops the fish from tearing the bait off the hook.
The small piece of bait and the natural movement of the Flasher will get an aggressive reaction from the fish, ensuring a secure hookup.
The best bait for snapper is pilchards or fresh squid.
One important fact about Reedy’s Rigz – flys can be used without bait too.

How to start using the Ultra Rig.

Once you have tied on your rig – you will either cast out or drop it off the boat, depending on whether you are shore bound or out at sea.
Let the line touch the bottom.
If you are on a boat – the motion of the boat will do the rest for you.
But if you are on shore, you will need to create the same bobbing effect to draw attention to your rig.
The movement not only draws attention – it helps to make a subtle movement that sends flashes of sunlight in different directions. This raises the chances of catching the eye of a passing fish.
There was a belief that fish couldn’t see colour – but this was disproved and now fishermen use this knowledge to their advantage – hence the reason why the Ultra Rig Comes in a variety of colours.
This goes for the luminescence too.
As the rig goes deeper – the less likely it is to catch a flash of sunlight. Luckily the Ultra Rig is covered in glow-in-the-dark material which lights up the bait – The lumo ball also helps to stop any line fraying around the top of the hook.
Remember not to strike when you hook a fish.
The circular hooks are not made to hold a sudden pull.
Instead (as mentioned) let your rod tip down and slowly add you upward motion after the initial hook up, then give a few turns of the reel.
Remember to give some drag to your line – big fish should be allowed to run every few turns of the reel. The aim is to tire them out first and not battle them to the surface.
This style of reel-in will definitely lose you the fish.
So remember to be patient when bringing the fish in – The Ultra Rig will battle through, but your braided line or rod may break if you battle too much.
Remember to clean and dry your Reedy’s Ultra Rig after use. This will prevent fouling of the rig and you won’t get a nasty surprise when you next open your fishing box.

Reedy's Rigs Fishing Tackle

4 Tips For Storing Your Ultra Rigs.

ZipLock Bags.
These bags give you an airtight method of storing and separating your rigs from other tackle in your fishing box or bag.
Push or squeeze all the air out of the bag before sealing it will keep the rigs from moving around and tangling during transport.
Just remember to dry the rigs before sealing the bags.
Tupperware Containers.
Hard plastic Containers will keep your tackle safe and secure – and with a little strategic planning, you can purchase a whole bunch of different shapes that fit together perfectly in your tackle bag.
You can purchase the larger sized Tupperware containers for all your hooks, sinkers and swivels, but make sure you use the smaller ones to house your Rigs – as too much spare room in a container will cause the rigs to tangle up.
Hook Carry
You could just hook them onto your fishing vest – it’s not the cool thing to do, but it will keep them out of your messy tackle box.
Just push them through the pocket flap of your chest pocket. Just remember to spread them out so they don’t wrap around each other.

Keep The Box
the cheapest way is to take your time in opening your new rigs and preserve the original box and replace the clean and dry rigs after use.
How to remove fouling and that awful smell?
If you are a diligent fisherman – this shouldn’t be a problem, but if you have (for some reason) forgotten to clean your rig before putting your fishing gear away. Here’s a simple way to remove the smell.
Take hold of the rig by the hook and gently scrub away the fouling with an old toothbrush and periodically rinse it in brown vinegar.
Keep repeating this procedure until all the fish guts and slime is gone – then rinse under warm water.
It’s a good idea to do this as soon as you remember – the smell (or taste) of the brown vinegar can linger on the rig for a few days and this may diminish the effectiveness of the rig.
How Much Does Reedy’s Rigz Ultra Rig Cost?
You can buy one pack for around fourteen Australian dollars ($13.95) or you can pack for the next few seasons with ten pack for around a hundred dollars ($99.00.)


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