The New Reedy’s Rigz T Shirt

Love Fishing?
You better! We like nothing more than going out fishing in Australia, catching the Striped Marlin, Mackerel, Giant Black Marlin, Swordfish, Yellowtail Kingfish, Yellowfin Tuna, and of course, everyone’s favourite: the Australian Snapper.
The Australian Fish is not the easiest fish to catch. She is feisty, almost always angry and determined to escape. She isn’t one to concede defeat in a hurry. If you’re going to catch a Snapper – it’s time to get serious!
Get the right fishing gear – don’t go anywhere in the water without the New Reedy’s Rigz T-Shirt, from the company that makes the Reedy’s Ultra Rigz, Reedy’s Flasher Rigz and other best selling fishing equipment.
The Reedy’s Rigz T-shirt is a perfect fishing T-shirt for the Australian waters. It is uniquely Australian and tells a story with custom graphics, amazing quality and unmatched comfort.
It’s a high quality T-shirt with the brand new Reedy’s Rigz logo on it. It is available in only one colour – BLACK. Why black? Why not black? There is nothing more attractive than a beautifully designed black T-shirt.

Just one thing…
While this fishing T-shirt is printed in Australia, it is made in China. Yes, we know! We wanted to make this T-shirt in Australia so that the money would stay in Australia. But what can we really do about? We are a family-owned Australian small business and have to compete in a crowded marketplace with our competitors on price.
But here’s the good news…
Most T-shirts in Australia are made in China AND printed there as well. The Reedy’s Rigz T-shirt is printed only in Australia. That should make you happy! You’ll love the quality of our print; it is simply exquisite.
This is just a great fishing T-shirt for this summer. You’ll look just as great wearing this T-shirt at home or at a party as you would when fishing. It’s incredibly comfortable and made from 80 percent cotton and 20 percent polyester.
And yeah, it has the picture of a mean looking Snapper fish staring grimly at you and the Australian flag in the background. Very Australian!
How much does the Reedy’s Rigz T-shirt cost? Not much, only $25!

Buy the Reedy’s Rigz T-shirt Now!
If you’d like to know more before placing an order with us, or would like a special price on a bulk order for the whole family, feel free to contact us at

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