Reedy’s Rigz Pre Tied Flasher Rig Snatching Snapper In Winter

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  • Each Fishing Rig Has Two Circle Hooks Per Rig.
  • Each Rig Has Two Bait Flasher Lure Per Rig.
  • Leader Size  30lb , 60lb  , 80lb.
  • Hook Size 4/0 , 5/0 ,6/0 ,7/0.
  • Circle Hook

Snapper Snatcher Reedy’s Rigz  Fishing Rigs Pre Tied Rigs For Bait.

Snapper Snatcher By Reedy’s Rigz  designed are a hand-tied fishing rig with custom flasher on a paternoster arrangement.  This rig can be used to catch a range of fish. The rig is great for bottom feeding fish tied on leader in various size’s ranging from 80lb, 60lb to 30lb the rig can be fished from many platform’s including your boat.  We like to fish the rig from the surf and utilise it’s luring power.  When fished in a surf environment it can be highly effective from the beach as the flasher moves around under the water attracting fish.  Hand-tied by professional Angler’s it is a high quality fishing rig that is universally fished in Snapper season around the World in various regions.  To maximise the rigs full potential it is recommend you use bait along with the flasher lure when targeting fish like Snapper, Mulloway and Australian Salmon.  Reedy’s Rigz by Snapper Snatchers are extremely popular in the fishing scene nationally and across the globe.  The rigs are also used offshore for reef fishing as a bottom rig.  Deep water fishing make’s it simple to fish using this particular. You simply just need to attach it to your main line. Reedy’s Rigz are keeping it simple and accessible for all fishermen.
Snapper Rigs : When Baiting a Circle Hook’s With Pilchards We have found One of the Best ways to bait a Pilchard is just to Pin it through the nose of the bait so When Snapper Grab Your Bait. They Hit it at the Head this way you always get a great hook up when fishing Snapper Rig
Rigs Or any circle hook , One Of the best baits For Catching A big Red is a Pilchard Because Of the oil Content that pilchard have in them Taking the time To bait your snapper rigs Circle Hook In the in Correct way Which will Result in Losing Lose fish . You Can Easy Tie your own fishing rigs The to best types for Australian waters Would Be A running Rig or a Paternoster With Droppers which Normally has Two Circle Hooks Un Like the running Snapper Rigs which has only The One Hook . If you Cant Be bothered Tying your own Rigs . You Can Buy many Fishing Rigs Online From Many Tackle store’s Or Follow The Link in this Video . .
Its Also . Hope These Fishing Tips Help You catch a big Fish .Feel Free To drop a comment Below .
10 Flasher Rig Snapper Whiting & Flathead Rigs The Snapper Snatcher Fishing Rig
Can Be Used Offshore / Inshore Fishing, Target Many Different Fish Type’s With This Rig . Reed’y Rigz Can Be Fished For Many Fish.

Whitting Rigs Pre Tied Snapper Rig Fishing Rigs Paternoster Fly
whiting rig Fishing rigs Hand Tied Flasher Fly On a Paternoster 30lb Trace Circle Hook Fantastic Bottom Bouncing.

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Surf Rig : Fishing Tackle Beach
Surf rigs Pre-tied For Beach fishing Land Based Surf Rig Rigged on a Paternoster Hand tied Great for Targeting Mulloway Australian Salmon.

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Rigs : Snapper Fishing rigs Pre-tied
Rigs Great for Catching Snapper Mulloway Pre-Tied Fishing tackle Hand tied on a Paternoster Circle Hooks For bait fishing Lure up a Snapper.
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