Reedy’s Rigz Fishing Hoodie

Bait Me!
So says the fish on the new and exciting Fishing Hoodie from Reedy’s Rigs.
At Reedy’s Rigz, we know a thing or two about fishing and we sell fishing gear and apparel too!
Who are we?
We are a couple of Aussie blokes who love fishing so much that we have our own dedicated fishing channel on YouTube: Reedy’s Fishing by Snapper Fishing Tackle. We just want to share our knowledge of recreational fishing with the rest of you all.

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And yes, we are convinced that Good Things Happen to Those Who Bait.
Did we tell you the snapper fishing season is just around the corner in Australia? You will love sporting the Reedy’s Rigz Fishing Hoodie as you go snapper fishing this year.
What’s So Great About the Reedy’s Rigz Fishing Hoodie?
First things first – what’s the first thing you notice when you look at our Fishing Hoodie? It’s that big and nasty and strangely attractive looking snapper fish staring right at you from the back and daring you to “Bait Me!” from the front.
Well, who wouldn’t!
Here’s the essential stuff you need to know – this Fishing Hoodie keeps you warm and cosy. It will give you all the protection you need when you go fishing on your boat in the cold, windy conditions.
It’s made from 80% cotton and 20% polyester and a Cotton Rich CVC fleece. For added protection and comfort, the hoodie comes with 2×2 rib cuffs, round hem and a fully lined hood.
Yes, the hoodie comes with a front kangaroo pocket where you can safely keep your smartphone or cash.
It is a classic fit hoodie, just right for you and comes in a range of sizes from “S” to 6/7XL. Also, you can buy an Interchangeable Drawcord 3CDT along with the hoodie separately if you like to.

As for the color – this Fishing Hoodie comes in BLACK only – we thought you’d like that!
How much does it cost? Not much: The most important thing – this new and exciting Fishing Hoodie from Reedy’s Rigz is printed right here in Australia! Yeah, we like keeping the money in our country!
If you’d like to know more before placing an order with us, or would like a special price on a bulk order for the whole family, feel free to contact us at

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