Reedy’s 187 Suicide Fishing Hooks Octopus Beak Made For Australian Fishing

Fishing in the open sea has its challenges, but it also has some fantastic opportunities to catch some snapper and kingfish. Whether you’re fishing for a hobby, vacation, or even a professional fisherman, having the right gear will not only make it easier to catch but increase the amount you catch as well. You want to make sure that when you’re fishing for kingfish or snapper that you have the right hooks and Reedy’s 187 Hooks are the way to go.

Reedy’s Rigs 187 Hooks are made of a strong and durable Japanese steel that range in the sizes of 4/0, 5/0, 6/0, and 7/0. They are also Teflon coated and super sharp for a better catch. To make these even better, they are perfect for snapper, kingfish, and a wide range of other fish species.

If you want to make your time out on the sea productive and enjoyable, then the Reedy’s 187 Hooks are really your best option. They increase your catch with some of their amazing features. You don’t want to leave these at the dock and leave your fishing to chance.

187 Hook Features:

  • Chemically Sharpened: Even though these hooks are Japanese made, they are treated with a particular chemical to keep them sharper longer. This means an acid or chemical solution is used to sharpen the end. This allows for a smaller barb size and a thinner, more tapered point for hooking fish.
  • Hook Point: The hand-ground point gives the 187 Hook its unprecedented performance in penetration. This reduces piercing resistance, meaning an increased and enhanced speed of penetration. The hook will resist wear and bend for more extended periods of time.
  • Teflon Coating: All 187 Hooks are designed for extended life and performance. The Teflon coating enhances the penetration of the hook. This provides less friction and less force needed for the snapper or kingfish to bite. The fish won’t need much force to bite down on this hook. Also, the coating process reduces the corrosion process due to the salt content of the sea.

These hooks help you catch more fish. Reedy’s 187 Hooks are designed by those who know their game when it comes to fishing. They hold up to professional standards, and you can take advantage of their circle or octopus design with its straight shank. These hooks give you the perfect catch of snapper and kingfish at a rate of 100% and are a must-have for all your tackle and fishing needs.

Fishing for snapper and kingfish is a popular mainstay for many people. Have a variety of tools and excellent tackle like the 187 Hooks can help you excel in fishing as a hobby or sport. Your catch rate will improve with the right hook and impress your friends and family with your fishing prowess. Use a Reedy’s 187 Hook will enhance your chances of catching snapper or kingfish, and you’ll be reeling them in.

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