Whiting Rig Pre-Tied Flasher Surf Fishing Rigs Live Blood Worm Pack Of 5 Paternoster Droppers


Fishing Rigs – Paternoster Whiting Rigs – Live Blood worm 30lb Bait circle hook Flasher Rig

whiting Rigs- By Reedy’s Rigz Product Tips & Trick on fishing Whiting rigs

  • Live Blood worm 30lb Fishing Rig.
  • 5 Pack Of Rigs Each with two Circle Hooks totaling 10 circle hooks .
  • Lure system Flasher Fly .
  • Circle Hook Thin guge size #4.
  • Fishing Rig Pre-Tied & Hand Rigged On 30Lb Leader.
  • Red Bead For Fish Attractant .
  • Shipping World Wide To Usa , New Zealand
  • Free Shipping Australia
  • Same Day Handling


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