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Snapper Snatchers Fishing Rigs Awesome Tied Paternoster Fishing Rig

Snapper snatchers are Just another Name for a Sabiki Rig  Which are a hand Tied Snapper Rig. Reedy’s Rigz Offer A Huge Range in Snapper Snatchers. The Top Selling Rig Has become a Top Selling Rig through out Australia & Around The World . To Buy These Custom Fishing Rigs You Must Purchases you Rigs through Our Online Store

Snapper Snatchers Rigs are pre-tied fishing rigs. Our Range  come in Different Hook sizes and Lure  colours, but they all use circle hooks, Hand tied in a paternoster arrangement which the fishing ling strength can vary from 20lb or 30lb used for Whiting, Bream or Australian Salmon to as heavy as 60lb or 80lb leader for the bigger fish like snapper or Mulloway .

Snapper snatchers  of the fishing rig is Lumo infused flasher material attached to the top of the circle hooks and a Lumo bead that sits above each hook .The Rig is like a saibki rig but in a bigger scale the movement though jigging or the natural rocking of the boat helps lure in the fish .

Reedy’s rigs can be used for surf fishing rig or fished for whiting in the smaller model Size #4. Snapper Rigs in 5/0 are , very effective in the surf. I have caught a number of Australian salmon from the surf on The Paternoster Snapper Rig , and they are fished regularly to catch other species like gummy sharks & Tailor . This is one of Best uses for Snapper rigs in Australian & New Zealand waters. They fish Very well not just for snapper but a range of fish like whiting, Mulloway , Australian Salmon the list is basically endless what they catch.

if you’re fishing from the pier or out of a boat, it is best to use bait on your flasher rig. Strip of squid is a good bet , especially in the surf. Pass the hook through the strip just once, towards one end of the bait, just as you would for normal circle hooks.

Once you have your Snapper Rig rigged, baited and in the water Sit back & relax you don’t need to strike the circle hooks will catch the fish , just a lift of the fishing rod once it is fully buckled should see a good hook up .