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Bait Jig Sabiki Rig are Pre Made Fishing Lure. Cheap Priced Tackle Online at our store. you Catch bait easy with Pre made Japanese Bait Jigs. 10 Hooks Per Jig. Stock up and catch fresh Yakka’s & Tuna Baits. At wholesale Price Cheap Gear Online By Reedy’s Rigz. Same Day Shipping .Sabiki Rigs Are Pre made and can be fished vertical from your boat locate a school of bait fish on your sounder. Drop the rig below the boat , move it up and down  to lure in the fish , you can use bait on the jig to help enhance your catch rates. The Sabiki Jigs are a must have , They give a quick and easy method to gather bait offshore. We offer these jigs at wholesale cheap prices in packets of 10.

Sabiki Rig Bait Jig 10 Packs Of Pre Tied Japanse Jigs

Fishing a Sabiki Rig Bait Jig up some live bait with these jigs.  They are awesome for  catching bait before heading offshore fishing for kingfish and other types of fish that require live bait , simple jig to use. find bait on the sounder low jig slowly retrieve slimys mackerels should jump on the flasher lure if having no luck try baiting the hooks with small pieces of squid .

One of the most commonly used baits is the yellow-tail scad. Called a Yakka by most anglers, huge schools of these Yakka’s can be found offshore and in bays, around piers/jettys and pretty much anywhere. It is relatively easy to spot them on your sounder. Yellow Tail scad can be fished live or rigged and trolled over a wreck or reef. past rock walls.Does a Sabiki rig need bait ?To fish a Sabiki rig you just need to bait the rig with small piece of squid or small chunk of pilchard Sabiki rigs will work fine with no bait.