Reedy's Fishing Tackle

Snapper Fishing Rigs. Ultra Fishing Rig Tied On Paternoster. Best Prettied Tackle 80lb (ca. 36 kg) Leader New Fiber Glow's In Dark then 10 Times More than A Flasher Rig. Snapper Snatcher Rig. Reedy's Have Developed A new type of rig the Future is Here. On this Page there is a range of Snapper Rigs that are the best Prettied Paternoster rig on the market Reedy's Ultra Rig Are PRE Tied Used to catch a range of fish species. The Ultra Rig is Tied on 80lb (ca. 36 kg) leader using the dominator Circle hooks. The Rig comes with UV Fly and is Available in Hook Size 5/0 6/0 7/0 8/0 in 4 Colours with or without a Lumo hook. Stock up for this 2019 Season. Reedy’s Rigs now offers a New type of fishing rig, tied in a paternoster with new Dominator circle hooks with a straight shank to improve hook up, this rig has many features lets have a look at just some. The Difference Between a Flasher rig and an Ultra Rig. The Materiel is different on a Flasher Rig than Ultra Rig. On the ultra-rig, it Uses new fiber that reflex’s light the same way a UV Squid jig works. It is a game changer. 5x Brighter & luminous than a conventional flasher rig.

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