Terminal tackle

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Terminal Tackle Whiting Snapper Gar Mulloway Surf Boat & beach Fishing. Universal Tied Gear. Target many Fish offshore & inshore, Great for reef & sand Piers & jettys. fishing ,Terminal tackle, Fishing Tackle, Snapper rigs, snapper snatchers, Hooks , fishingRigs Same Day Free Shipping Australia Wide Shop Online With Reedy's Rigz. The Rigs are Hand tied On a Paternoster with a dropper & circle hooks. Tie your Flasher rig onto your main line add Some bait to the hook & your fishing its that simple . Hook Sizes Starting From #4 (whiting Hook ) through to 7/0 Rig. Leader is fluorocarbon or mono various sizes 15lb / 30lb / 50lb / 60/b /80lb For snapper We recommend a 5/0 on 60lb for a Flasher Rig 50lb for snell Hooks running rig.