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Whiting Hooks Fishing Tackle Online

Whiting Rig By Reedy’s Rigz . We offer Free post Australia Wide . Shipping Any where in the world.

Surf Rig's Whiting Flasher Rigs 5 Packets of  Hand-Tied Fly Pattern Crafted on 30Lb  20lb Leader This item is Pink infused with  Lumo . These Fishing rigs are Perfect for tackling Various Fish in the surf. These Types of Bottom fishing Rigs move around in the water and the fly attract's fish , Just like a Lure in combination with bait the Flasher rig is Known to Anglers as the go to rig . Over many years Reedy's Rigz Has built a name for there self carving the way in Hand Tied  Pre-Tied Flasher Rigs . it's a Handy bit of Gear to include in your Tackle Box . The Rig Pack is new for 2017. We Have Kept the Price Down to Keep Fishermen Happy with this Quality Piece Of Tackle.