About the Dominator Circle Hooks Fishing Hooks By Reedy's Rigs -Facts About the New Dominator Circle Hook Outlaw Series from Reedy’s Rigz Are you into recreational fishing? Welcome to this review of the Dominator Circle  &187 Hook's Outlaw Series from Reedy’s Rigs. 187 Hook Features: • Chemically Sharpened: Even though these hooks are Japanese made, they are treated with a particular chemical to keep them sharper longer. This means an acid or chemical solution is used to sharpen the end. This allows for a smaller barb size and a thinner, more tapered point for hooking fish. • Hook Point: The hand-ground point gives the 187 Hook its unprecedented performance in penetration. This reduces piercing resistance, meaning an increased and enhanced speed of penetration. The hook will resist wear and bend for more extended periods of time. • Teflon Coating: All 187 Hooks are designed for extended life and performance. The Teflon coating enhances the penetration of the hook. This provides less friction and less force needed for the snapper or kingfish to bite. The fish won’t need much force to bite down on this hook. Also, the coating process reduces the corrosion process due to the salt content of the sea. #1: These circle hooks are made from heat-treated Japanese steel, which is the strongest material you will find anywhere. That is why they possess amazing strength and stability. #2: These hooks have a special coating process and made from a special electroplating material imported from Japan. #3: They are chemically sharpened, which means the hook point is ultra sharp and remains so even after being used multiple times. These hooks have a precision hook-point design, which makes catching the fish effortless.