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     Squid Jigs By Rui -we fish what we sell in this video we are fishing the 5 squid port Phillip bay pack you can see the success we have in the video. These jigs can be Purchased here @ snapper-rigs.com   To Catch a squid use your sounder to locate a reef or some weed bank. its very simple use Navionics maps. if fishing land based at pier ask some local's for knowledge or look at the ground to see the ink splatters it's normally a good tip where the fish will be. I find High tide to be a great time to catch squid. We also Like Rui Sephia Shimano Yo-Zuri, Yamashita 3.5 size class. Browse Various squid jigs Tackle Like Sephia Shimano Yo-Zuri, Yamashita 3.5 10 packs of Jigs.