Portland Adventures: Ultimate Family Holiday with Premier Fishing and Coastal Fun

We just had an amazing holiday in Portland! Our mission was to catch tuna using topwater lures. We stayed in a fantastic cabin at Portland Holiday Village, and my two boys absolutely loved it – you’ll see their excitement in the video below.

Our fishing adventure started off great. We managed to catch tuna on the first day with our topwater lures. I had a feeling we’d be lucky because it was a week before the full moon, and fishing usually gets better around that time for many types of fish.

Portland is full of fun activities! You can visit war museums and even take a ride on a special train called the Portland Cable Tram. This tram ride is really cool – it has beautiful views and interesting historic sites, and the people who run it know a lot about the area. The tram track is 7.4km long and goes right by the sea, so you get to see some amazing sights. It’s something everyone should try when they visit Portland. Kids will have a great time too! When we were there, there was even a carnival by the sea.

Portland Fishing is an absolute Awesome! You can catch a wide variety of fish, including tuna, kingfish, gummy sharks, squid, whiting, mako, and many others. It’s an angler’s paradise with something for everyone, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out. Beyond fishing, Portland offers a host of activities, making it an ideal destination for a family holiday. From exploring local museums and historical sites to enjoying scenic rides on the Portland Cable Tram, there’s never a dull moment. The kids will love the carnival atmosphere by the foreshore, and the whole family can enjoy the town’s friendly vibe and beautiful natural surroundings. It’s the perfect getaway for those looking to combine outdoor excitement with relaxing family time.

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Portland Fishing Watch Video On Youtube

There’s this cool thing called the Bonney Upwelling. begins slowly in November and December, peaks from January to March, and then declines from April . It’s like an underwater system that brings food to the sea creatures. The wind pushes cold water, which has lots of food particles, up from the deep parts of the ocean to the top. This cold water takes the place of the warmer water at the surface, which doesn’t have much food. The food in the cold water comes from plants and animals in the sea that have died and sunk to the bottom. This happens mostly near the coast, but sometimes, ocean currents can carry this food-rich water really far away from where it started.

When this food-rich water gets to the top, it helps tiny plants in the sea called phytoplankton to grow a lot. This turns the water green. These tiny plants are super important because they’re food for lots of sea animals, from small ones like krill (which are like tiny shrimps) to bigger fish. Even bigger sea creatures like lobsters, crabs, the fish we catch,tuna squid, seabirds, seals, dolphins, and whales depend on these plants and smaller creatures for food.

These moments when the food-rich water comes up don’t last forever. Sometimes they’re quick, and other times they can last for weeks. After that, the sea gets calm when the wind changes or stops. The timing and how strong these moments are can be different each year. It’s really important for the sea’s health that these moments of lots of food and calm times happen in a balanced way. This makes sure there’s enough food for the tiny plants in the sea to grow and feed all the other creatures.

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