How To Tie a Snapper Rig For Port Phillip Bay with Video

The Best Port Philip Bay snapper rig.  Below is a video I made to help new fisho’s in season.  After the footy finishes in September / October when the Bay will come alive as the Snapper enter looking to spawn.  I find The best type of rig to fish in Port Phillip is a Twin hook Snell rig along with an Ultra Rig (Paternoster). When fishing the bay  I will include in my 4 rods my spread. The Following  3 Snell twin hooks & 1 Ultra Rig as it’s a good idea to mix it up. use a combination of baits, such as Pilchard, silver whiting is a MUST have on my Boat. If you can get your hand’s on fresh squid fish is awesome too.

How To Tie The Best Snapper Rig For Port Phillip Bay New Anglers Help

A good quality fishing hook is a must when fishing for Reds.  Reedy’s 187 Sucide Hooks Size 4/0 5/0 or 6/0 Click Here . I have had great success with these Hooks & have provided a link below to buy these Quality Hooks.

The Fishing Hook I Fish For Twin Hook Rig

It is So important to fish a Quality Fishing Hook on the Twin Rigs These are 187 suicide By Reedy’s. Click Here to Buy Pack’s of Single Hooks

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Ultra Rig Paternoster with Uv & Quality Circle hooks

The Other Rig I fish in Port Phillip Bay is an Ultra Rig Hand-tied. Quality is the Best on the Market Hands Down.  There are Four Colour’s & on its day will be the only rig snapper will take  Click Here 

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The Twin Hook Rig I Show Below how to Tie

This is the rig I Have on 3 of my Rods Below is a Step by Step video Showing you how to Tie this Rig

In the Video I made Some Years Ago, a Few Things Have Changed  Such as i Now use 40lb (18.14 kg) Leader & 187 Suicide I fished this Hook For the Entire 2018 Season and Found it to be the best Hook I have Ever Used. All the Rig Tying is the Same. 

Ultra Rigs The Best Paternoster Rig On the Market.

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Snapper fishing in the Bay is pretty easy once you have a few things ticked off. Let’s run through what you need to get started fishing. The best time to fish the bay is from September through to Xmas From January to Easter & you stand a great chance of catching a red in those time frames.

Fishing Tackle Needed 

A quality rod & reel combination is essential, and for serious snapper pursuit, you’ll require 4 such sets. My preference is a 6-8 kg combo, but beginners might find an 8-10 kg heavy rod & 5000 reel setup more suitable. In addition, a high-quality sounder is vital, along with snapper racks (rod holders) and an anchor winch; I prefer the LoneStar, though it’s not an inexpensive investment. A burly pot & bait are also needed.

Let’s be clear, not every snapper landed in Port Phillip Bay will be a whopper; a 2-3 kg catch is more common. Hence, I believe it’s crucial to employ a 5/0 or 4/0 hook. This approach is a key to diversify your catch, not just limiting to large ones. From my experience, bigger snapper can be caught on smaller hooks, but catching smaller red’s on larger hooks is improbable. Here’s a starting point for you.

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