Pencil Float Rig Live Snapper bait & Fresh Gar Fish

Pencil Float Rig Fishing Garfish Live Snapper Bait

Float Rig – Fishing for a fresh feed of garfish or Catching Fresh bait is very important part of fishing and with Snapper Season on the horizon. Snapper fishing tackle have just released a Pre-Made Float rig . which is simple to use to catch a range of small top water fish Like garfish & mullet . The fishing Rig ties Straight on to your mainline and you can adjust the float to the depth you require to catch your bait or fish . The Float rig has very small hooks to suit the jaw of a garfish or mullet . When fishing a float rig we recommend using silverfish or Maggots Gents as your bait ,Once Baited up your hooks Cast out and watch the float for indications of a Bite. We also Recommend using some Burley mix throw it out the from back of your boat or from your land based Location . you can mix up some bread crumbs mix or buy some pre-mixed from your local tackle store .The Burly will bring the garfish in close and you can catch fresh bait or fish to eat while you fish for snapper . You can also use the Float rig inshore and landbased from a Pier to catch you gar and mullet , Its a good rig to fish with the kids down the pier and keeps them Entertained .
The Bulk pack includes 12 rigs each Pre-rigged with spit shots tied on to small hooks . The float is 100mm Long  simply apply bait to the rig while snapper fishing catch fresh bait on the go .

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