Tie a Simple Paternoster Rig

Paternoster Rig Diagram Tie Fishing Droppers Easy Bottom Snapper

Paternoster Rigs Diagram &  In this video Below  i tie A quick and Easy method i use for Snapper Fishing & whiting . I normal fish Flasher rigs but Last week i was out fishing and forgot My Reedy’s Rigz . so i used this Style of Paternoster Rig to get the Bottom .

Below this video Is the Diagram  Of the Paternoster Rig & information About the Set up.

Click Here to Enlarge Photo Of Diagram Paternoster Rig

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Fishing Adventures

Paternoster Fishing Rig Dropper Loops Bait Rig (Hi Lo )

Paternoster fishing rig Can be fished from Boat piers & land based ideally you rig the tackle on heavy line.

Tie Paternoster Fishing Rig Knots Dropper Loop Bottom Rig Step by Step Knots Hi Lo .A Paternoster Rig is Simalor to a Flasher rig but with out the Lure Parts , Tie these knots while fishing on your Boat or pier .Land Based .
This rig is used when in emergency out on the water , its very simple to rig and can be fished for many types of fish , such as reef fish & red snapper , bottom bouncing offshore baits and more.