Snapper Success in Port Phillip Bay Video Guide to Baits, Rigs

Experience the thrill of snapper fishing in Melbourne’s iconic Port Phillip Bay with our comprehensive guide. In this video, dive into the intricacies of selecting the best baits, mastering rigging, understanding snapper movement, and leveraging the unmatched strength of Reedy’s 187 hooks. Watch as we strategically set a spread of 8 rods on a boat, demonstrate the effectiveness of paternoster rigs, and importantly, celebrate the excitement of catching snappers in october. Whether you’re an amateur or an avid angler, this is the essential watch to elevate your next fishing expedition

Snapper Migration into Port Phillip Bay

Snapper, known scientifically as Pagrus auratus and colloquially referred to by locals as “reddies”, undergo a fascinating migration journey, and Port Phillip Bay is one of the key destinations on their annual migratory route.

Why do Snapper Migrate?
Migration in fish species is primarily driven by two reasons: spawning and the search for food. For snapper in Port Phillip Bay, it’s primarily the former. Snapper, as they mature, tend to seek out warmer, sheltered waters to reproduce. The temperate and relatively calmer waters of Port Phillip Bay provide an ideal environment for this.

Timing of Migration
The onset of spring, particularly September, signals the beginning of snapper migration into Port Phillip Bay. This influx continues until summer, peaking around November. During this period, anglers from around Melbourne and beyond converge on the bay, eager to take advantage of the snapper run.

The Path of Migration
Snapper typically spend colder months in the deeper, offshore waters of the Bass Strait. As the waters begin to warm, these fish move inshore, with many entering Port Phillip Bay. The bay’s various reefs, channels, and seagrass beds offer both abundant food sources and suitable spawning grounds, making it a snapper haven.

Fishing during the Migration
This period is a boon for recreational fishermen. The snapper are not just more abundant, but they’re also often larger, with specimens weighing over 10kg not uncommon. Anglers deploy various techniques, from using Reedy’s 187 hooks to setting up an intricate spread of rods, and utilizing the proven paternoster rigs. The best baits and techniques become crucial knowledge in the angler community during this period.

The migration of snapper into Port Phillip Bay is not just an ecological wonder but also a much-awaited annual event for the local fishing community. Understanding this migration and its patterns is essential for conservationists, researchers, and anglers alike. As snapper season sets in, the bay transforms into a hub of activity, highlighting the deep connection between nature and the community that cherishes it.

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