Melbourne Snapper in Winters Paradise Australia Fishing Port Phillip Bay

Melbourne Winter can be a mundane period in a fisho’s life were the very cold mornings and days can put a stop to any ambition in wetting a line, but if you can psych yourself up for it and rug up there are rewards out there just like on this day where persistence paid us a reward. I arose from bed at around 5.30am the temperature outside was a balmy 3 degrees all rugged up i jumped in the car and made my way down to Brett’s house where he’d had the boat hooked up and ready to roll. We made our way to the Frankston boat ramp dunked the boat in and headed out to sea. Our first mission was to get on to some squid as we had done the week before and the ten times before that. Our first spot resulted to nothing, not a sniff so we prospected to another spot and again no result i started to scratch my head and thought they must be around here somewhere but where, Brett decided to try another spot but again the squid were nowhere to be found we kept persisting for another hour working our jigs hard changing colors trying everything we knew all to no avail. It seemed the squid had disappeared into thin air or in this case thin water… We decided to give the squid a miss and not waste time chasing them and try for something else our freezers are still stocked with squid from our previous sojourns so we weren’t that fazed about missing out on them. We turned our attention to some reefs around Mornington where the sounder showed some activity below so baited up and dropped our lines within a few seconds the rods were buckling with a smorgasbord of fish varieties from pinkies (small snapper) flatheads, Aust salmon, red mullets(goatfish) leather jackets and garfish. We indulged with that for around 40 odd minutes before deciding on having some lunch so we headed into Frankston for some Pizza, dude! After we had lunch we made our way out again to be in around 17 meters of water. We rigged up a few rods with snelled hooks and a couple with some Reedys Rigs a snapper rig with 5/0 hooks in blue and pink colors respectfully. Our baits were being picked off by the ever menacing flatheads as Port Phillip bay is a renowned breeding ground they are prolific. After bring up a dozen or so i looked at Brett saying well at least it’s better than a good day at work, he’s reply was i gotta feeling mate its your day today. I said thanks for your kind pep up but its one of those days where a flathead feed is to suffice. With that being said i turned to see my rod buckled over like a hunchback line peeling and reel screaming. We naturally thought a Ray but when i felt those head nodding and shakes i thought large snapper, “maybe” after a few minutes of caressing the fight we seen the silvery sheen of a snapper making its way up we were both over the moon. Our persistence in sticking it out afterthoughts of throwing the towel in from the countless flatty’s had paid off this large Snapper was the 3rd in as many weeks disproving the theory that big Snapper aren’t around the eastern seaboard of Port Phillip bay in winter… With all things in life its time and persistence that pays rewards even in the cold winter of Melbourne.

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