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Melbourne Snapper Report Port Phillip Bay Snapper Season Has just hit another gear , Approaching the Moon over the Next Week the Reds will Bite Well as They start to Head Home. We Found it Easy to Catch a red a Few day’s ago , in the Video below We explain where we like to fish for snapper at this time of year . We Fished Wide Early in the Week Catching our Bag  And after the Blow we had Friday & Saturday , Sure enough Just like clock work we got them in close . Hot spots Frankston to Mornington , Mt Martha , Scatted Fish , Still Plenty of report coming from Chelsea .

Melbourne Snapper Report .

The Reds Will start to fire again as the water temp Cools just as we approach in May.

ToP Baits Have Been Pilchards
Rig Reedy’s Rigs Still Going to Strong Size 5/0 PinkBlitz 2.0

Melbourne Snapper Fishing Reds Go hard to Just Before Winter . Below Is a video i made in December but the same will happen just before and after  the Most of the remaining fish will exit out the bay ,

Snapper Report Port Phillip Bay Snatchers Fishing Awesome 2016 Melbourne Fishing

Melbourne Snapper Rig By fishing rigs have been Getting their fair share of attention by anglers. I thought it was about time to took the opportunity to explain How the fishing rig works.
Snapper Rigs are pre-tied fishing rigs and come in a range of sizes and Flasher colours, but they all use circle hooks, tied on various types of leader strength in a paternoster arrangement.
The key to the success using the rig is the fish flasher material attached to the hooks. Each Circle hook is rigged by flashy dressing, the Same as a salt water fly.
The Lumo bead sits above each hook & the Bead Helps Lure fish to the Circle hooks along with the flasher .
Reedy’s rigs can be used for surf fishing rig or Fished for whiting in the smaller model Size #4. Snapper Rigs are , very effective in the surf. I have caught a number of Australian salmon from the surf on The Paternoster Snapper Rig , and they are fished regularly to catch other species like gummy sharks & Tailor . This is one of Best uses for Snapper rigs in Australian & New Zealand waters. They fish Very well not just for snapper but a range of fish like whiting , Mulloway , Australian Salmon the list is basically endless what they catch.
No matter whether you’re fishing from the shore or a boat, it is best to use bait on your Flasher rig. A strip of squid is ideal, especially in the surf. Pass the hook through the squid strip just once, towards one end of the strip, just as you would for normal circle hooks.
Once you have your Snapper Rig rigged, baited and in the water Sit back & relax you don’t need to strike the circle hooks will catch the fish , just a lift of the fishing rod once it is fully buckled should see a good hook up .

Melbourne Snapper Report . Fish wide.